Thursday, May 3, 2012

Folklore Film By Writer-Director Justin Calen Chenn - Review

Folklore, written and directed by Justin Calen Chenn, is a comedy Sci-Fi microfilm.

The film’s premise is unconventional and yet simple enough to make it work very well for a micro budget film. The two main characters Collins, and Merle work for Quartz Agency, a Government agency that monitors ‘Folklore’ characters. It is Collins, and Merles job to interview an android, a water nymph, a time traveler, a couple aliens, and a vampire, amongst other mythic beings.

Folklore stars Laura Waddell (Torchwood: Miracle Day), Paulie Rojas (The Witches of Oz), Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson, Paranormal Activity 3), Napoleon Ryan (Disney's The Suite Life on Deck), Brad Roller, Paris Benjamin, Rachel Rath, Sherill Turner, Ruth Connell, Larry Purtell, Sarah Lynn Dawson, Tracy Alexandra Bjelland, Roy Ying, Garrett Liggett and Elizabeth Knowelden. It is fairly uncommon to have a large cast working on a film with such a limited budget.

With no special effects, no elaborate locations, costumes, or make-up, Chenn’s script is brought to life by the devotion of the actors to believable portraying their zany characters. A testament to all the actors work is their win for Best Acting Ensemble at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.

The film’s entire budget of thirteen thousand dollars was raised on Kickstarter. I am impressed with what Chenn accomplished with such limited funds, also by the fact that he took less than a year to write, cast and film Folklore. Folklore would be well received not only at film festivals, but also very likely at comic book conventions and other events that celebrate Folklore like characters.

Visit Folklore’s website to learn more about the film:

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