Sunday, April 22, 2012

Master Your Audition By Benson Simmonds - Review

Master Your Audition, by Benson Simmonds, is a 90-minute audio video program designed to help actors (and singers) audition at their best.

Benson Simmonds has been coaching actors for over fifteen years throughout the United States and Canada. He was hired as an "on set" acting coach for Sony, and has coached many actors from series leads to regulars. Acting coaches, Ivana Chubbuck and Roy London, inspired many of the tools suggested in the audio video program.

The audio video program takes the auditioning process and breaks it down into clear and straightforward steps, which makes it easy to follow. Simmonds first talks about the psychology of the actor going into the audition with what he calls "ego pattern", which is explained. He then coaches viewers on the correct mindset in which to approach the auditioning process.

Simmonds gives examples for figuring out the characters objective, using body language, how to approach auditioning with more than one person, developing chemistry with the other characters, and making the process more organic.

Each segment is further divided in order to examine each step of what Simmonds recommends actors should do before, during and after the initial audition. Two separate and successful audition videos are analyzed in order to provide viewers with comprehensible examples of Simmonds' methods.

Simmonds coaching is clear and interactive and is also supplemented by useful side notes and comments that are displayed on screen. He also shares auditioning tips based on his own experiences and on conversations he has had with directors and casting directors.

Master Your Audition audio video program includes some bonus material, which focuses on what Simmonds terms "soular power" by way of four tools that can be used to further build upon the affirmation section and the instructions given throughout the video.

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