Sunday, July 12, 2015

Before You See Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad Watch Her Right Here In Sweet Madness

SWEET MADNESS (a Harley Quinn film) the 16th film from writer/director/producer Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions. The story centers on Harley Quinn and how she sets a deadly game in motion, the consequences of which only she is prepared for. The film stars Madeleine Wade and Micah Fitzgerald.

Peter Dukes wanted to pay tribute to Harley Quinn, to tell HER story. The film was a small production which was shot on a tight budget and timeline, but the team pulled together a fitting tribute to the fabulously complex Harley Quinn. 

Before You See Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad Watch Her Right Here In Sweet Madness:

Wade plays Harley true to the original character, but with slightly different light as the exploration of Harley and The Joker's relationship takes an unforeseen turn.

Fitzgerald plays The Joker, who has been portrayed in a different fashion than before. The Joker is stripped of his make-up to leave expose the twisted man behind the clown, but also to keep the focus on Harley.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A new crime thriller starring former Rescue Me star Jack McGee (‘Chief’) has walked away with one of the plum trophies at one of L.A’s most prestigious film festivals.

Crime thriller The Wolves of Savin Hill, from up-and-coming filmmaker John Beaton Hill, has won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles.

The movie, starring McGee, David Cooley, and Kurt Fuller, tells of childhood friends from the streets of Boston who drift apart following a shocking discovery deep in the woods of Savin Hill. Years later a tragic murder brings them together again. But for one man, it’s no mistake. A trap has been set…

After serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, Tom Grey (David Cooley) is released from prison with a score to settle: he is dead-set on tracking down the man who set him up…his childhood best friend and L.A. cop, Sean O’Brien (Brian Scannell from “Gone Baby Gone.”)

Ravaged by his friend’s betrayal, Tom hunts Sean through the dark streets of Los Angeles and finds himself trapped in a web of lies only a devil could weave. Face to face at last, the two men are caught in a final and explosive showdown. After years of gut-wrenching deception, it can only end with one man standing.

Following the award win at the IFS, the filmmakers have been approached by distributors from every corner.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brimstone CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) Interview

Brimstone, is an international entertainer with a career that spans well over three decades. He is a Jack of all trades and over the years his diverse and unique jobs have included professional wrestler, actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic and comic book guru

Brimstone took time to return to be our guest. He chatted with me about all the exciting projects and events he has coming up


Checkout Brim’s NBC News story about Celebrity Causes Here

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Interview with SWEET MADNESS director, Peter Dukes

We had an opportunity to chat with director Peter Dukes about his latest film SWEET MADNESS, which stars Madeleine Wade and Micah Fitzgerald.

SWEET MADNESS, which takes a look at the complex and entertaining Harley Quinn, is your latest film. How long had you been considering making the film before you started working on it?

I've wanted to make a Harley Quinn film for many years now. I held off because "fan films" aren't generally something I do. I finally decided to make an exception this one time because Harley is such a fabulously entertaining and complex character. Also, with SUICIDE SQUAD coming up it became a now or never situation. Anyhow, Harley's never been shown the proper amount of love in the live action Batman canon so I decided to show her some myself.

Why do you think the Harley Quinn character has not been explored further by other filmmakers?

That's an excellent question. Harley is fascinating. She's whimsical, witty, likable...and deadly. A potent mix. Perhaps Warner Brothers have indeed planned on including her in the storyline of one of the past films and it just didn't work out, for any one of several reasons. Who knows. Regardless, she definitely deserves some screen time.

How close to the character in DC Comics / the animated series is your Harley Quinn in SWEET MADNESS?

I challenged myself to not be afraid to make my Harley unique (even if only in subtle ways), but I definitely kept her very close both in look as well as spirit to the original character, developed in the 90's Batman animated series. That to me will always be Harley, rather than where they've kind of taken her character in recent years.

What has been the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of making the film?

Time and money. This was a low budget production so the biggest challenge was working with a very tight budget and even tighter shooting schedule while also trying to make sure I was able to tell the story I wanted to tell. If I was going to take on Harley Quinn, I wanted to make sure I did it right and that can be difficult when you're an indie filmmaker.

Lead actress Madeleine has already been invited by the Toronto Comic-con to come (in character) and screen the film as well as sign posters for fans. That's very cool, how did that come about?

They contacted Madeleine directly about that so you'll have to ask her ha! I'm not sure how they caught wind of the film, but I've been teasing the public with character one-sheets, PR stills and the poster so they must have seen it somewhere. Glad to know our PR is doing its job at least! It's very early on in the process. The film hasn't even been released yet so we hope there's a lot more exposure ahead for this picture.

Would you consider making a feature length version of the film?

I would absolutely love to do a Harley Quinn feature, but it will never happen. I don't own the rights to the character and I don't think Warner Brothers will be knocking down my door anytime soon to ask me to helm one of their productions. In terms of just doing it myself, well, there's some flexibility when it comes to taking on someone else's property with short films. With no profit involved the studios will usually turn the other cheek. However, when it comes to features there HAS to be a profit (otherwise who would invest that much money?) and once money enters the picture so do the lawyers. So a feature is not in the cards. This is just a short film made for fun and out of respect for a character I love.

Now that you've had a taste of making a fan film, have you thought of making more of them? Any other particular character you might consider exploring?

I've actually been approached about writing other fan films recently, but as of now I have no official plans of taking anything like that on. I prefer material that I own all the rights to and can do with as I wish, like getting it distributed, etc. We'll just have to see what happens down the road.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

S&G Entertainment announces initial production of the feature length comedy film TREW CALLING!

Buffalo, NY - S&G Entertainment in association with NDstudios, Inc. begins initial production of TREW CALLING, a comedic feature film starring Tracey B. Wilson, Kevin Sizemore, Brooke Elliott and Lee Meriwether in Amherst, New York with local Greg Robbins directing the film. 

Trew Calling is the story of a woman named Trew (Tracey B. Wilson) who receives a visit by the Almighty and asks her to write down everything he says.

LOG LINE: He spoke, she freaked and the unbelievable happened.

Robbins’ called on several Hollywood veteran actors to tell this story led by Sizemore who has portrayed many memorable characters from Resurrection, Under the Dome, Stalker, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, Drop Dead Diva & many more. Sizemore with three films in post production now, will be seen next on the big screen along side Jon Voight, Sean Astin & Nic Bishop in the movie Woodlawn in theaters by Pure Flix Oct. 16th 2015. 

In the lead female slot is Tracey B. Wilson; Guiding Light & All My Children has been called both "a dramatic actor with a flair for comedy," and "a quirky comedic actress with a keen understanding of the dramatic." She will be bringing her versatility to this comedic role opposite Sizemore.

When offered the lead male role Sizemore stated, “There’s no way I’m turning down a comedic role written this well. People will love this movie."

When Tracey B Wilson is actually a native of Orchard Park, NY. Wilson say’s "I'm so excited to be coming back to Buffalo and be a part of such a hilarious and heartwarming film.”

Also joining the cast is Brooke Elliott, star of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime for the last six seasons, Eddie Mekka a Tony nominated actor best known as The Big Ragu on Lavern & Shirley, along with Hollywood film and TV legend Ms. Lee Meriweather, former Miss America, Barnaby Jones & Batman. Clint Eastwood's daughter Kimber Eastwood is an associate producer.

The Trew Calling production runs from May 26 through June 19; the entire production is being produced in Western New York with Buffalo based production crew provided by NDStudios and several roles played by Buffalo based actors.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The A Plate - Review

Jay Roth (Shane Jacobsen) is an ambitious young car salesman at Steven’s Motors, whose goal is to get the “A-Plate” and be the owner of his own dealership. 

Jay uses his position at the dealership to have sex with a plethora of different women in exchange for car upgrades. If that is not enough of a hint, The A-Plate is not a movie suitable for children.

A traditional car salesman in every sense of the word, Jay surprisingly has one redeeming quality, that quality being he takes care of his grandfather Charlie (Angelo Nargi). 

There is a cast of extras who play a kooky ensemble of co-workers for Jay. His druggie-roommate and fellow salesmen, a dance instructing mechanic, and a dumpy and desperate accountant.

When Dick Stevens (Sam McMurray) gets caught cheating on his wife Candice (Priscilla Barnes), Jay seizes the opportunity to use the situation to his advantage. He plays both sides against each other in hopes of gaining the dealership for himself.

Adding into the mix of the sleazy car deals, and rampant sex, is a romance of sorts between Jay and Andrea Steven (Julie Ann Emery). Andrea has been warned to not date anyone from her father’s car lot, and Jay gets an even more descriptive warning from Candice to say away from her daughter.

To be honest, it never really feels that Andrea is making a true effort to keep any car salesmen at bay. The entire time Andrea and Jay interacted, it was as if she was lightly playing “hard to get” and still being flirtatious.

I commend director Terre Weisman on her second film endeavor. Though The A-Plate does have a predictable ending, people who enjoy films in the vain of Porky’s or Used Cars will get some laughs out of the film. Also, I am left wondering how much of an exaggeration there is to the story of what types of things really take place at dealerships…

Monday, June 1, 2015


What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America? What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss? The A Plate is a modern- day Used Cars meets Wedding Crashers, written and directed by Terre Weisman. On the eve of the film’s VOD release, we spoke to the talented filmmaker.

Where did the idea come from Terre?

A. Having worked in the car business for many years while pursuing my writing and filmmaking, I always felt that although the typical stereotype of a car salesman is far from the truth, there was an opportunity to find the comedy in an exaggerate impression that everyone seems to have of car dealers in general.

Can you talk a little about your inspirations for the movie – in terms of other films or filmmakers?

A. Well, there have been many films that have either been about the car business or films that have always included the same pointed view of the typical car salesman, however, even though they were extremely funny, they seemed to miss the mark in terms of finding the comedy from the true reality of the business and the people in it.

What did you learn on your second film that you didn’t do first time around? Did you find the machine ran smoother this time?

A. Yes, most definitely. Although very proud of my first film DEVELOPING SHELDON, that was really my film school in terms of the actual production. I certainly learned what to do as well as what not to do. Overall, my experience has taught me that you need to surround yourself with talented people, both above and below the line, and allow people to do what they do best, all the while, subtlety steering the ship towards your vision. Hence the name of my company CREATIVE BALANCE FILMS because after all, an endeavour such as filmmaking takes a creative balance of people to make a good film.

You got so lucky with the cast – they’re all going on to being big names! But were they are at the time?

A. Of course Sam and Priscilla were names and came with such an impressive body of work and memorable roles. The others such as Julie Ann and Shane although not as well known, did come with wonderful resumes as well, but it was their auditions that really impressed me so much. Keep in mind that with such a large cast, we cast from L.A., NY, and Boston. It was an extensive search, that’s for sure. And yes, they, as well as many others in the cast will become big names. I’m certain of that.

The film is being released on VOD. Have you gotten into the whole VOD thing yet? Do you believe it’s the future?

A. I’m very excited that our distributor OSIRIS entertainment has been able to find so many wonderful platforms for our film. There’s no question that VOD is what the future has become. People want any content delivered on their own time frame and in the comfort of their home. Yes, going to a theater still offers a unique experience, but being able to view any movie you want at anytime that’s convenient, is also something that we’ve already started to take for granted. There was a time that the only films we could see were studio films. Now with VOD and other technology, all that has changed and as a filmmaker, well, what could be a better future than that?

The A Plate is now on VOD