Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Temecula, California – Out of the vineyards and rolling vistas, the Temecula Independent Film Festival will present over 50 independent films from across the world and the US selected by a filmmaker panel.

Each year the festival selects an up-and-coming filmmaker to receive the Independent Trailblazer Award for pioneering in independent film. This year's honoree is Tracey Birdsall. As an accomplished independent actor, producer, and vocalist, Tracey has been a pathfinder on all frontiers of independent filmmaking.

After sizzling the screen in "Tick Tock", a dark romantic thriller she produced, wrote, and starred in, Tracey received rave reviews, accolades and numerous top awards on the festival circuit. "Tick Tock" was hailed by acclaimed critic Paul Pritchard (of Pulpmovies.com) as "one of the most memorable independent films of 2010". Releasing this year, Tracey showed her hilarious side in "Going Very Badly" as a trophy wife with a lustful appetite. In the up-coming "Dawn of the Crescent Moon" the role "Tracey" was specifically written with casting her in mind. Tracey currently has two films in production, including “Robot Fighter” – which she also produced – and the comedy “Who’s Jenna Jameson?”, and five to be released this year.

Tracey will be Guest of Honor at the Temecula Independent Film Festival's Opening Night Gala on June 10, 7-9 pm tickets and information: www.tiFilmFest.org.

The Festival is still accepting Film Entries and Poster Contest Entries until May 4th, 2015. Details can also be found at: www.tiFilmFest.org

The Temecula Independent Film Festival is a non-profit corporation dedicated to fostering and recognizing independent filmmakers. Organizers understand the special challenges of independent filmmaking and seek to recognize and support these resourceful artists.

Award-winning independent filmmaker, Gary Vinant-Tang is festival founder and director. A festival veteran, he understands the importance for filmmakers to network and help each other. Gary is also a long-time Temecula resident raising four children there and has always wanted to bring the film festival experience to the community.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shaun Mazoka Talks Cooked - This Webseries Is Heating Up!

Actor Shaun Mazoka took time to chat with us about his new webseries "Cooked". The web series had a Kickstarter launch this week and things are really heating up!

What can you tell us about your character in "COOKED" and his relationship to the other characters?

I play the character Dave Mason. Dave is one of the line cooks at the Dominion House restaurant. He works with his best friends, Patrick (Brent Bondy), Pope (Joel Bishop), and Duey (Paul Doman) - The relationship between these characters is evident throughout the series as each character deals with various challenges in their respective lives, but I believe the writers are really itching to explore the roots of their relationships - specifically how they met as kids and how each character has grown and changed since kindergarten!

Aside from childhood friends, the relationships between Dave and other coworkers at the Dominion House are explored as well as relationships between Dave and his immediate family, specifically his mother, “Mrs. M” played by the fun-loving Lisa Lorteau, and his grandfather, played by Eugene Santini.

The cool thing about “Cooked” is that most of the characters have their own moments in the show where relationships between them are hinted at, foreshadowed, referenced, etc. You get a cool perspective of how a lot of people in the show interact with a lot of other people in the show. It’s a very inviting universe.

What's it like filming on location in The Dominion House?

I personally love filming at the Dominion House because it’s at the point where I know most of the people that work there by their first names, and they know me by mine. It’s a friendly place, and everyone there - both employees and patrons - are very supportive of the show and our work as artists. The food is great too. I’ve become a pretty “selective” eater and there’s always something new to explore on the menu. The drinks are poured pretty nicely as well

Always great live entertainment to enjoy there, and in the summer the patio is really cool - it’s almost like a secret little backyard deck with a sand volleyball court. There’s lots of action and everyone is always having fun.

I’ve also been hearing more and more stories about people that have nothing to do with the show - about the upstairs part of the Dominion House and how it’s really “creepy” and “spooky” up there. I’ve even heard people use the word “haunted!” I have yet to experience any phenomenon, but I’ve heard it from several people and it is over 130 years old. So, who knows!?

Do you feel that adds a layer to the series that makes it more special?

I really do! I think it’s the people that become involved in one way or another, both patrons and employees, help us out so much that it makes the project that much more special, because there’s more love going into it. All you need is Love baby.


What's the most challenging aspect of working on this project?

Coordinating schedules with everyone in order to shoot scenes and coordinating schedules and locations. That was our biggest setback and it is a huge reason we are hoping to have some huge support from fans backing us with our Kickstarter program. Having the funds to keep actors, crew, and locations people in the budget would help us produce our content in smooth, time-efficient manner. It would also help improve the quality of our work which benefits the audience as well!

A Kickstarter is underway for “COOKED,” what can you tell us about the campaign? (Perks, possible surprises from cast etc.)

The campaign’s main goal is to help us finish what we have already filmed. What I mean by “finish” is a majority of post-production activities such as, but not limited to:

- editing

- colour correction

- audio mastering (I don’t know if that’s the term, I’m not an expert. Ian McClaughlin is probably laughing his ass off as he reads this)

- soundtrack and music

- effects

- marketing

There are a lot of things involved in putting a bunch of filmed material and audio recordings together to create a hilarious 20 minute episode of “Cooked,” this campaign is helping us accomplish that.

The goal is $25,000, but anything after that would only go into helping us make more content - shoot more episodes and pump out more for the audience to take in and enjoy. Our campaign is in full swing at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2113242610/cooked

Perks are pretty cool - As I mentioned before, we have a very inviting universe, and we invite you to become an even bigger part of our universe the more you are able to donate. We had a lot of people become a part of our universe by donating time. Countless hours of many people’s valuable time has been donated to create our project. Now we need some financial help, and anyone that can help us is invited into our universe. I wish we could have everyone join us - but at this point we are limited to those who can donate a lot, and once we pass this small bump in the path of our universe-then we can invite everyone because we will have a way to get our episodes out for all to see and be a part of! Never underestimate the power of Kickstarter, even if someone can only afford to pledge $5. It all adds up and because Kickstarter is “all or nothing,” we have to work hard to get to our $25,000 goal. After the end of day two, we were at $1441.00 and I want to help keep that going

Our cast is pretty dedicated, so anyone who wants to meet or interact with any of our cast members should look into those Perks listed on the Kickstarter page!

We understand there are four episodes already in the can, how does the Kickstarter influence future episodes?

As aforementioned - the Kickstarter’s main goal is to complete the episodes we already have in the can. The goal is $25,000. If we can meet and exceed that, every extra dollar will be going into making more content and continuing on with “Cooked.”

Ultimately what would like to have happen to you character and the show?

Well, I don’t want to give away anything that is already happening with my character, or anything that will eventually happen with him - but in a perfect dream world I’d like to see my character in a romantic relationship with a supermodel after learning he has super powers and gaining the inner confidence he needed to become a balanced individual. He goes on to destroy the Dominion House (With NO casualties) in a harsh battle with a creature that grew from the radiation poisoning in the Detroit River. After the long battle, and the destruction of the Dominion House, Dave starts an awesome Kickstarter campaign with his best friends and fellow employees and super hot supermodel girlfriend and they use the money to rebuild the Dominion House so that everyone can go and enjoy it and continue to have all the fun and interact with all the ghosts that they used to before the original was destroyed. Now THAT would be cool.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Karen Lam has crafted a terrifically-disturbing and blood-curdingly original shocker in Evangeline. Similar in vein to cult classic The Crow, the movie hits from May.

Is EVANGELINE the first horror film you’ve directed?

My first feature film, Stained (starring Tinsel Korey from the Twilight series) is a psychological thriller, but all my short films have been in the horror or dark fantasy genre.

Do you have a preference for directing a certain genre of film?

My absolute favourite films are genre -- my preference is to watch horror, fantasy and science fiction, alternate realities -- so I'm lucky to get to direct what I love.

How did you prepare to direct the film?

Feature films take a lot of people, so assembling my team -- from the cast to the key crew. I have a core team that I work with from film to film, from my producers,DP, editor, composer. Getting prepared usually means getting all the departments prepared...and raising the money.

What can you tell us about the story line of EVANGELINE?

It's a supernatural revenge fantasy about a girl who comes back from the dead to avenge her own life. I was inspired by what I've been reading in the media and events in my own city, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What was it like working with Kat de Lieva and Richard Harmon?

I'm fortunate to have been able to find Katarina in auditions, and to have Richard Harmon come on board. They're both still young but they brought so much professionalism and talent to the set -- plus, they're both really smart and funny people. It helps when you've got some emotionally tough material to get through!

What was the most challenging aspect of making the movie?

I was surrounded by so much expertise and talent from the Vancouver film and television community so the filmmaking itself went really smoothly. The biggest challenge is probably the money, but I don't know any production that couldn't use more. The other hurdle was shooting in the middle of the night in a rainy forest, and I would blame the writer, but in this case, that would be me.

When and how can audiences watch EVANGELINE?

Evangeline is out on VOD May 8; DVD on June 9.

Sharknado 2# The Second One review - Guest Review

Sharknado 2# The Second One review (SPOILER ALERT) - Guest review by Ann Rivet

Who can resist a Sci-Fi channel original movie about sharks and tornados? While the first Sharknado had a grossing 1.5 million viewers, and even made MN local news, the sequel is by far the more superior.

Directed once again by Anthony C. Ferrante (also known for the American horror film Boo), who has smartly reunited with Sharknado's original screenplay writer Thunder Levin, (whose credits include Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood and American Warships).

The sequel has it all; a rich plot spinning steadily along, with a good dose of humor, action, and human intrigue.

It all begins with a raging storm, and a doomed airliner caught in web of rain. For fans of the original 1960's TV classic The Twilight Zone, they will recognize with glee the reference to Terror at 20,000.

When the sky begins hailing sharks, author of How To Survive A Sharknado April Wexler (Tara Reid) has an unfortunate run-in with a vindictive shark that takes off her arm. The captain (Robert Hays of the 1980's comedy Airplane) and his air marshal fall victim to the sharp-toothed creatures, leaving Fin to bravely take command of the plane and land it safely in New York City, where the rest of the plot unfolds, and really begins to take shape.

There is a huge to-do at Citi Field, an attack on a ferry boat as it tries to outrun the storm to Manhattan. In addition to having to fight off airborne sharks, Ellen, (Kari Wuhrer) Fin's sister, and Chrissie (Tiffany Shepis), must outrun the head of the statue of Liberty on the interstate.

The action and threat of sharks is non-stop; there is a harrowing escape in the stairwell from a swarm of sharks as the cast try to find safety in a water-filled building.

As it nears the final chapter of Sharknado #2, Fin must take to the Empire State Building with his childhood crush Skye (Vivica A. Fox) to stop the airborne threat. There is at least an F5 of raging hungry sharks, and Fin must - for the future of The Big Apple, by detonating a tank of Freon.

The civilians of Yew York take matters into their own hands and declare 'citizen law.' Pitch forks strike, chainsaws blaze, and Fin, poor Fin, get sucked into the eye of the storm. Who should he face while grasping his survival but the same, scarred shark who took his wife's arm!

If I need say more; the film is a must-see for action and comedy lovers of any caliber. There are even elements for horror enthusiasts. There is so much to take note of too, such as placing the faces such musical celebrities such as Kelly Osbourn and Billy Ray Cyrus and lastly, there are mock-scenes from other media; such as; Fin's great chainsaw raised pose (you may find looks a lot like Ash from Army of Darkness), or his proposal to April, which looked familiar to a certain 'courting' scene from Bride of Chucky…

I would give the film three fins up! Give it a watch and experience a movie like no other you will view, and don't forget the popcorn!

Friday, April 3, 2015

8-Track Productions is proud to announce the final casting for it’s next feature film “Little Magdeline”

“Little Magdeline” is a Romantic Drama about a man who reconnects with his five year old daughter with whom he has never met. Because of this, he reevaluates his life, his actions and how he loves. The screenplay is by Zack Scott and Thomas D. Butler, based on a story by Zack Scott. 

The cast is as follows:

Kate Nichols as Desi.

Kate Nichols was born in Varna, Bulgaria. She was found to have a singing talent at a very young age and won several competitions throughout Bulgaria. At the age of 13, she went to study in England, to continue her artistic education.

After graduating from the Drama Centre London, she came to LA where she developed her comedic skills by working with the famed "Groundlings Improv Company".
Currently living in Los Angeles, she can be seen in several upcoming projects.

Among the parts she has played are Nina Zarechnaya in a production of Chekhov’s “The Seagull” in Moscow, Russia, Nora in Strindberg’s “A Doll’s House” and Imogen in “Cymbeline” at Shakespeare’s Globe in London as well as Liz Lucky in “The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph” and Jackie in the horror short “Carved”.

Michal Marinaccio as Max. 

Michael Marinaccio, originally from Somers CT, received his BFA in acting from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford. After graduating he spent some time in New York performing in several off Broadway productions including One Man’s War, Tony’N’Tina’s Wedding, and Romeo and Juliet. Since moving to LA, Michael has appeared in numerous films, commercials and stage productions. Some of his Los Angeles theater credits include Jerry Meyer’s Aspirin and Elephants and Lisa Phillips Visca’s Raise Me Up at the Santa Monica Playhouse where he won critical acclaim for originating the role of Young Louis. Some of his film credits include the independent feature, Two Cranes starring opposite Michael Madsen and most recently was in a Sci-fi short Than All Else Ever, starring opposite Eric Roberts. He is excited and honored to be apart of the cast of Little Magdeline.

Sebastian Kadlecik as Roger.

Sebastian Kadlecik, originally from the Bay Area, fell in love with film at an early age. As a teenager he began making short videos and movies with his dad’s camcorder, and soon found himself auditioning for a school play. That was the moment of no return. Sebastian’s fascination with acting led him to Santa Clara University, where he obtained his B.A., and eventually to Southern Methodist University, where he received his M.F.A. While in school, and immediately following graduation, Sebastian also worked professionally in theatrical productions all over the United States. 
Since arriving in Los Angeles, Sebastian has been heavily involved in two theatre companies, one sketch troupe, various performance art pieces, feature films, industrials, web series and voiceover. With so many amazing stories being told through television and film, Sebastian could not be more excited to live in Los Angeles at this time. He looks forward to taking part in Little Magdeline and is extremely grateful to have this opportunity.

Sarah Nicklin as Belinda

As a child, Sarah was a very shy girl who lived in a work of books and imagination games, which she usually played with her younger sister Amanda. She grew up in Danbury CT at the end of a culdesac and spent countless hours exploring the nature preserve behind their house and the streams and swamps at the end of the street. Feeling a deep connection with the woods where she spent so much of her time she started the “Save the Earth” club in attempts to clean up the trash that had been dumped in the swamp near her house, however no one except her parents attended.

Due to her fascination with the child-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas, she then turned her attentions to acting in hopes of one day meeting the young star. She decided she needed to start practicing and getting rid of her shy-ness as soon as possible, so she performed in her first play, “Bye Bye Birdie” in sixth grade.

After high school she decided to try film and appeared in “La Bolsa” in 2005 and immediately fell in love with this new media. She was accepted into the Acting program at Emerson College and graduated in 2009 with honors. Since college, Sarah has appeared in around 60 or 70 productions, both film and stage, all over New England.

Sarah Nicklin moved to Los Angeles in July of 2011 with her husband and very talented actor Michael Reed. Since then she has been nominated three times for “Best Actress” for her roles in Exhumed, Choices, and Zombie Allegiance.

Jodie Grundin as Cassidy

Jodie was born in Colorado and studied Acting at the University of Northern Colorado. Her credits include the title role in "The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph," "Casting Couch," and a starring role on an episode of the Television series "Tabloid”.

Isaac Wayne as Jon

Isaac Wayne hails from Colorado and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Isaac first became interested in acting in the first grade where he scored the role in the school play of “Window Shopper #2.” He has acted in several theater productions and improv troupes since but now is focusing on film. He loves the outdoors and participates in environmental awareness campaigns as well as domestic animal rescues. Isaac is honored and proud to be working with an amazing cast and crew for his next role in the film “Little Magdeline.”

Oto Gomes as Mike

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil but raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Oto began his early acting career on stage, but focused his later teen years on pursuing a degree in Psychology and Accounting from Lee University while traveling around the world with a singing group known as the Lee Singers. After graduating and getting married to Tori Gomes, Oto attended The Actors Workshop of South Florida and in 2010 worked in his first professional project in a Miami filmed TV series. He has since appeared in national commercials, shot for top photographers with Marlboro and Budweiser and landed a role on a up and coming show called Roommates on Elm Street which will feature on Netflix

In the beginning of 2014, Oto moved to Los Angeles to seriously pursue a career in acting and singing. Once in LA, Oto began studying acting at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studios. Oto is also involved in the Young Storytellers Foundation that focus on teaching literacy to the youth of tomorrow through storytelling.

Derek Houck as Don

Raised in Kansas City, Missouri on chocolate, video games, and Kevin Costner films, Derek Houck has appeared in Community, United States of Tara, and stars as Napoleon in the web series Napoleon Bon App├ętit. Other credits include Love That Girl!, The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph, Community, and the steampunk web series Progress. He’s trained at the Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and the Stephen Book Acting Workshop

Laura Dooling as Keley

Laura Dooling grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. She attended Vassar College in upstate New York, where she studied Film and Drama, and appeared in various theatre productions at Vassar's Powerhouse Theatre and Shiva Theatre. She spent a year studying acting for film at Prague Film School in the Czech Republic, and began her professional career acting in several film productions while abroad. After graduation, she moved to New York City, where she continued to work in independent films. A newcomer to LA, Laura is excited to be a part of LITTLE MAGDELINE.

Laura L. Murray as Marjorie

Lauren Louise Murray is a native New Yorker born and raised on Eastern Long Island. She began taking acting lessons from a local theater in Bellport Village, Long Island, where she found her true passion.

After college, she spent her days working as a casting assistant by day and performing in numerous “off broadway” stage productions by night. While at the studio, Lauren began booking many of the print ads on which she was assisting.

Lauren can be seen in over 30 print and commercial ads. Apple, AT&T, Subaru, Coca-Cola, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Sony just to name a few. She has also been featured in “Vogue Magazine”, working with world- renowned German photographer Peter Lindbergh. She is honored to be one of the faces featured on geekthelibrary.org. A foundation sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates, and shot by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Production should begin in late summer 2015 with a possible release in early 2016.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where’s Waldo? Office Space fave set for new comedy-adventure Finding Waldo

Beloved star of screen and stage, Richard Riehle, known for his performances in Mike Judge’s cult classic Office Space and Oscar winner Glory, has signed to star in director David Mun’s indie comedy-adventure Finding Waldo.

Production is expected to begin in Arizona this October.

From Shooting Creek Films, Planet Capricorn, and PIK2 Entertainment, pic tells of a pro ex footballer and an eccentric novelist who break out of a psych ward and go on a drug fuelled adventure through the Arizona desert takes them both on the path to redemption.

Riehle, who recently appeared in Paramount’s global hit Transformers: Age of Extinction and co-starred on Fox sitcom Grounded for Life, plays Cyrus Motley, the head of Henderson And Motley, an insurance company that employs Chance to look into eccentric, best-selling novelist Waldo Greene who, despite currently resting his head in a mental hospital, is suspected of putting it all on.

Co-starring alongside Riehle are Bo Keister (The Cabining), Rachel Faulkner (Ride Along 2), and Matthew Jacobs (Bernard Rose’s upcoming Frankenstein). Further names to be announced.

Film is written and produced by Blu de Golyer (House of Good and Evil) and executive produced by Robert Krueger, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk, the team behind the music series Welcome to Soundwaves.

The film reunites Keister, Faulkner, and de Golyer, all alumni of the popular comedy series Hillbilly Horror Show.

Like fellow comedy Super Troopers 2, Finding Waldohas teamed with IndieGoGo to help finance the film. Please support the campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/finding-waldo

Richard Riehle’s video for Finding Waldo IndieGoGo Campaign

Music superstar ‘Tony’ Lucca signs for New Orleans rom-com Going Due South

Acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer Anthony James "Tony" Lucca has signed to provide the score for the new feature film Going Due South.

An up-and-coming reality TV producer travels to the big Easy to shoot her latest series and finds New Orleans too intoxicating to ignore and Daniel, the sexy southerner, too perfect to want to… even though her career hangs in the balance.

The picture is expected to go before the cameras later this year.

With Going Due South’s script garnering as much buzz in Hollywood as it is the interest of some of today’s most popular actors, producers were able to land a big name to anchor the feature’s harmony section.

Lucca says that the film’s setting was one of the main appeals for him.

“It takes place in New Orleans, which is of course a gorgeous backdrop for any love story but it’s also a city with more musical heritage per square mile than most other cities combined. I am completely honoured and extremely inspired to be a part of this project.”

Lucca, whose music has been heard on such hit series as Friday Night Lights and Brothers & Sisters, as well as the film Open Range starring Kevin Costner, got his start alongside fellow music superstars Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears on The Mickey Mouse Club. In later years, he was a finalist on TV juggernaut The Voice, which led to renewed interest in the talented muso and an expanded his fan base considerably. After supporting Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson and countless other major music acts on tour, Lucca recently embarked on his own – timed to coincide with the release of his recently-released self-titled album. Past releases include So Satisfied and Shotgun.

Going Due South is written and produced by industry vet Janet Arlotta, semi-finalist in Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

The pic recently kicked off its crowdfunding campaign (for which Lucca has recorded a video for here) and Lucca has recorded a video urging punters to support it.