Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Indican acquires acclaimed drama RADIO AMERICA

Indican acquires acclaimed drama RADIO AMERICA

“Everyone who ever had a dream, this film will bring it back to life"- Talent Monthly

“Beautiful and Charming. Great Soundtrack” – KTIM

"Two Thumbs Up” – Random Radio Network

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Indican Pictures has acquired Radio America, a heartfelt odyssey about the pitfalls of fame “that gives you the VIP pass from farm to fame with all the right tour stops in between” (The Entertainment Corner).

Production hails from Shorris Film, the Hollywood-based outfit run by Clint Morris and Christopher Showerman.

The acquisition is another feather in the cap for a distributor that's becoming increasingly synonymous for their top-notch independent feature films.

“If Indican were the stage, and we were musicians, we couldn’t ask for a better stage to present our act. With their passion, knowledge, and skill, they are undoubtedly the right distributor to bring Radio America to the masses”, says Morris.
A touching, music-fueled drama – in the vein of La Bamba, Once, and The CommitmentsRadio America “reminds us what’s possible when passion and opportunity collide” (Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine).

The “Incredible story” (BGG After Dark) fixes on two wannabe musicians, stuck working on a farm, who hit the bigtime when one of their songs gets radio airplay.

Eric (Jacob Motsinger) and Dave (Christopher Alice) are two farm boys who dream of escaping their rural roots to achieve fame and fortune as rock stars. As they grow up, their talent grows with them. However, the real impetus behind their momentum is their friend Jane (Kristi Englemann), who manages their musical career. She finally gets them in front of a major label A&R scout who sees the potential of the act.
Dave and Jane become romantically involved and this strains their friendship with Eric. When the A&R scout replaces Jane as the manager and puts the act before America, the pressure is almost too much for their friendship to handle.
Their first tour puts them on a roller coaster of euphoria and tragedy that mercilessly puts the value of friendship vs. commercial success back into perspective for the survivors.

Wayne Bastrup (Terminator : Genisys), Read MacGuirtose (Cruel Will), Tristan Price (The OC), Robert Ebinger (Days of Our Lives), and J.Kristopher (Straight Outta Compton) help make up the ensemble cast.

Christopher Showerman makes his feature directorial debut on Radio America, Pic is produced by Morris, Showerman, Chris Durand, and Eliza Washabaugh. Showerman wrote the script.

Radio America will be released later this year

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young complete their first horror feature

II 2014 USC film graduates Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young have just
completed their first horror feature, BASTARD. The pair co-directed a script
written by Young. Lauren Bates produced the film under her Bloody Lip
Productions tag.

"BASTARD follows newlywed, hitch-hiking serial killers, a brother and sister
on the run, and a suicidal, alcoholic cop as they get caught in an
increasingly bizarre series of murders committed by a masked killer near a
mountain-town bed and breakfast."

The film, infused with the blood of cult slasher films like The Burning and
Halloween, includes a throwback retro score, all practical effects, and
stars genre veterans Rebekah Kennedy (Season of the Witch/House Hunting) and
Tonya Kay (Raze/Dark Space). Newcomers Ellis Greer, Dan Creed, Will Tranfo,
and Burt Culver (Starry Eyes) fill out the rest of the chopping order.

An excerpt of the score by Kyle Hnedak:


The film will enter the sales game under Robinson and Young's production
company name BIG BAD FILM.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Interview with Producer Jason Gurvitz - AVENGED

With five star reviews across the board, March release Avenged is destined to change the careers for many of its cast and crew, particularly producer Jason Gurvitz who saw the project from the ground up.

Jason, where and when did this project begin for you?

A filmmaker friend introduced me to Michael because he thought we would be a great team and he was totally right. I read another script that Michael had written that was a much bigger budget and I knew right away that I wanted to work with him, but the scope of the film was just way too big, so I asked Michael what else he had and he told me that he had been working on a smaller film that was along the same lines as the one bigger one. I was hooked and knew we had to get it made.

What were your responsibilities from the outset?

Well, when I first got the script I loved it, but I recognized, as producers do, many areas that could be further developed, so Michael and I went back and forth in development for another 6 months or so until we both felt it was ready to take out. Then I began to shop it around to financiers, sales agents and everyone I could that could lead us to getting the film financed. Once we finally did with the help of a sales agent and several equity investors, my job was to prove that we could make the film the way we had said and that lead to scouting with Michael, casting, and doing everything I could to ensure that Michael’s vision of the film would be achieved.

What was the appeal?

Michael’s passion as a storyteller was the greatest appeal of all and his extraordinary vision that was a refreshing new way to make a film.

Avenged isn’t your first film… did that make it easier?

Well, having experience making lower budget films in all kinds of difficult circumstances and many personalities to manage it sure helped. Avenged, however, had many elements that I had never worked with before so it felt like a new experience in many ways and I’m fortunate and now even more experienced for having gone through it.

They say horror is the easiest of the genres to sell and get distribution for. Is that one of the reasons why work with the genre?

That’s not my reason for working in this genre. I only want to work with filmmakers like myself who have a passion for telling stories in a fresh and innovative way and that can happen in all genres. There are aspects of horror that are easier than other films for sure and it allows us to keep working more often, so in that respect I would recommend filmmakers work in the genre, but it’s easy to end up in a horror film that has no vision at all, which makes us feel worse than if we hadn’t worked on the film at all so it’s about having a balance.

Have you been hands-on during the distribution process?

On this film I haven’t been so hands on because our sales agent Raven Banner have many years of experience and are doing what they do best to sell the film. We come to the table with ideas and we are working out some marketing strategies to promote the film in the US but other than that, the distributors and our sales agent have a handle on how they want to market it. 

On most independent films, producers are required to wear extra hats. Was that the case with you?
Yes, most definitely and that is the case on all the lower budget films I make. From development to casting to raising financing, even to driving trucks, setting up craft service if necessary and it’s often necessary. You really never know from one day to the next exactly what you will have to pick up and do when the moment calls for it so if you want to get your film finished as a producer, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and treat everyone well in the process, which is the most important of all. 

How has the feedback been so far on Avenged?
The reviews couldn’t be better. Many fans and critics alike are calling it one of the best horror films they have ever seen or an instant classic and they often go into great detail about what they like and that’s really great to see. We put a lot of passion and hard work into this Avenged and the fans are certainly appreciating it.

Avenged VOD release date: Friday, 6th March, 2015

Avenged DVD release date: Tuesday, 21st April, 2015

Avenged theatrical release: Friday, 6th March, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Interview with Writer-Director-Producer, Peter Dukes

Peter Dukes is a multi-award winning filmmaker. His films have attracted name talent and received high praise from audiences and critics the world over.

His horror screenplay THE BEAST, which Peter is attached to direct, is currently under option at Top Ranked Pictures, with a budget of 6 million dollars.

He is also currently attached to direct ECHOES IN THE WIND, a 2.2 million dollar horror feature being produced by Veluvana Pictures

Peter took time to chat with me about his career

Who or what inspires you as a filmmaker?

The world around me inspires me every day! There's stories just floating through the air as we speak, waiting to be found and formed into a narrative.

I won't move forward on a project unless the idea itself is inspired, so this is an important attribute to me. Luckily, there's inspiration (and great stories) waiting to be found all around us. I don't usually have to keep too close an eye out for it either because more often than not it just kind of pops up and slaps me in the face.

Dream Seekers Productions was created in order to give life to films that would not otherwise be made. Have you found this distinguishment has helped your company reach a more receptive audience?

Yes. We put a lot of emphasis on quality content and creative liberty, and I really challenge myself to tell fresh stories. I try to show the audience something they haven't seen before, or if it's a common theme, I'll tell it from a new angle or perspective. I never want my films to be predictable, tired or bland. I'd rather aim high and fail then tell a story that no one will remember thirty seconds after viewing it.

I craft stories that ask the audience to view themselves, as well as the world around them, in new ways, and I think people have responded to it. Our following grows daily. We're by no means a HUGE company, nor is that my goal. I don't mind keeping things small, so long as we get to continue telling the kinds of stories that I like to tell.

You’ve written the scripts for all your films, covering a number of genres. Which genre do you prefer writing for?

So long as there's an interesting, challenging story to tell I would enjoy writing in (almost) any genre. That being said, most of my work has been horror and fantasy. These genres allow for a tremendous amount of creative flexibility, and that's always something I enjoy taking advantage of. Plus, they're just fun! I'm young at heart so when an opportunity to have fun with a new story pops up, I'm generally all in.

Do you approach directing each film in the same manner?

Almost every film I do addresses a certain set of challenges I'm looking to take on. I do this to stay sharp and to gauge what my strengths and weaknesses are. This is important as I intend to be as ready as I can possibly be when I take on the feature world. So, in that sense yes, I approach each film the same. The only thing that changes is my experience, so my overall approach has no doubt evolved over the years.

Which film of yours turned out vastly different that you initially intended? (not necessarily a bad turn out, could be a good surprise)?

Every film I do turns out vastly different than I'd originally pictured it ha! Writing the screenplay and seeing the film in your head is one thing. Communicating this idea to a team of people and getting the footage "in the can" and edited is a far different thing. The end result is always different than I'd originally pictured, but as you noted, it's rarely a bad thing. Just different.

To date your film catalogue is comprised of well crafted shorts. Do you have any plans to make a feature length film in the near future?

Absolutely. That has always been my long term goal. I've been attached to numerous features before that have all fallen apart for one reason or another, as is common in the film business, but I'm closer now than ever before and I hope to break through very soon here. The features I'm involved with are being developed outside of Dream Seekers Productions. Whether or not Dream Seekers itself will ever take on a feature? Perhaps. Only time will tell :)

What are you currently working on?

My 16th short film, SWEET MADNESS, is about to head into pre-production. It's a quirky action film that I have high hopes for. I'm attached to direct two multi-million dollar horror features, one of which I wrote and got optioned, and, finally, I'm in early talks to possibly adapt a best selling young adult horror book series into a screenplay to direct as well. All in all, I'm just doing my best to stay busy and keep working my way up.

Website: www.dreamseekersprods.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dreamseekersproductions
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dreamseekerfans


Award winning director Tom Baldinger has cast Award winner Tracey Birdsall (The Young & The Restless, Dawn of the Crescent Moon), Bill Sorvino (The Trouble with Cali), Joe D'Onofrio (Goodfellas), Jen Jacob (TVs Girls), and John Carlino (Super Troopers) cast. Birdsall plays the lead role, a dead-on doppleganger for Jenna Jameson.

NEW JERSEY – (February 2015) - Jenna Jameson is the adult film actress...but this is something a little different! Who’s Jenna Jameson is a brand new comedy written by award winning producer/director Tom Baldinger of New Jersey based 624 Productions, LLC. Recently, 624 Productions joined forces with a New Jersey film and distribution house, A New Vision Film, to produce Who’s Jenna Jameson as a feature film, which has already started filming and will continue through the Spring of 2015 primarily in New Jersey. In December, they wrapped on a specific clip in Jersey City.
Who’s Jenna Jameson is backed by film and hotel investors Anthony Gude and Steven Schlatmann, Gude and Schlatmann had also invested in Tagore: The Burnt Offerings, local film Weathered Storms, and sponsored the Golden Door Film Festival of Jersey City. A New Vision Film believes that there is a great filmmaking movement within Jersey City and throughout the state.

“Despite slim investment incentives by the state or county, it is critical to put money behind smart cinematic minds,” says Gude.
“[We are] proud to back Tom Baldinger and his amazing team. The very reason we invest is to see creativity at work and stimulate like-minded individuals that reflect the ambition of those around us,” continues Schlatmann.

Baldinger adds, "Not to sound cliché, but this is exactly what I dreamed about. Fortunately, the success of our first project, Two Sides of Love, which was shot beautifully by Jeff Seesselberg, who is the Director of Photography on this project, really opened doors for us and allowed us to partner with such a great company like New Vision Films, as well as obtain some amazing actors like Bill (Sorvino), Tracey (Birdsall), Joe (D’Onofrio) and Garry (Pastore)."

The premise for the film is the lead character, Jonathan Burke, a highly successful financial advisor, falling for Jenna Casey, an inspiring lawyer the minute he lays eyes on her. Unfortunately for Jonathan, his best friend, (Andy Roma), thinks she looks exactly like the adult film star, Jenna Jameson, and is on a mission to prove it. Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his best friend’s nonsense and obsession with adult films; but he also has to juggle a difficult working relationship with his boss at the firm, who is also Jenna's brother in-law.

Filled with spicy humor that plays on the sometimes all-too-true conversation between men, Who’s Jenna Jameson is poised to pick up awards across the board for its dialogue, as well as its star-studded screenplay, and stellar soundtrack.

Already slated for the starring role is actress Tracey Birdsall, (The Young and the Restless, Loving, Family Ties, Tick Tock), a virtual doppelganger for the Jenna Jameson look-alike lead.

Accompanying Birdsall is Actor Bill Sorvino (The Trouble with Cali, Night Club) who will be playing the lead role of Jonathan Burke.

Well-known actor Joe D’Onofrio (A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas) plays Jonathan’s best friend, Andy Roma, and the talented Garry Pastore (The Sopranos, A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas) plays a no-nonsense, demanding CEO. John Carlino (Fenced In, Rockaway, Super Troopers), Jeremy Gilbert (On Empty, Hawaii Five-0, Last Resort), Jen Jacob (Girls) and Oscar Best (Angel Heart, Sympathy for Delicious, The Mentalist) will also be starring alongside of these actors.

Equally alluring is the soundtrack coming together for the comedy. The song, “What Kind of Man Could Stop From Lovin’ You” is played in the soon to be released feature film segment, and is by Slim Chance and the Gamblers. Slim Chance and the Gamblers will be featuring some more of their sexy, raw blues music on the soundtrack. SVB formerly under 5 time Grammy winner Kuk Harrell’s label, Suga Wuga Music, takes center stage with a song, and Brooklyn bred, solo artist Jesse Ruben pumps up the volume with his musical talent, as well.

The sexy siren Savannah Van takes charge with lead vocals as the instrumental Ronnie Manaog keeps the beat on drums, guitarist Alex Strahle wails the melody, and Matt Kwa’s bass keeps tune.

Singer, songwriter, and guitar player Jesse Ruben will lock in some lyrics and songs that complement the scenes.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interview with Film Producers and MovieMaze™ App Creators, Maria Collis and Erik Lundmark

MARIA COLLIS  alongside ERIK LUNDMARK, run the LA based production and sales company Leomark Studios– responsible for the distribution of a large number of cult and current hits, including HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW, JACKERS, THE CABINING and STAR LEAF.

Collis and Lundmark have created an innovative App MovieMazethat is the film equivalent of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books – where you could essentially dictate the direction the story goes. 

MovieMaze™ is the world’s first interactive movie app for mobile devices. An application (App) for smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it acts as both a library and a platform for interactive content. It’s a lot of fun choosing how a film ends! A MovieMaze™ movie shows menus of choices at turning points in the story. The viewer’s choices determine what happens next. Simply put, the viewer creates his or her own movie by touching the screen. Best of all, the app is available right around the world.

Maria Collis and Erik Lundmark took time to chat with me about producing, films and of course the new App, 

Erik Lundmark and yourself run a production and sales company called, Leomark. Is that how you first got your start in the entertainment business?

Oh heck no! (laughs) We've both been in show business all our adult lives. Erik is originally a musician/composer and I am originally a writer and actor-director. Leomark Studios is a company that came together over the last ten years. 

Actually I think it has only been seven years now. Erik started producing some stuff, it got to the point where he wanted to make the connection with distributors. He wanted to figure out where the rubber meets the road in terms of making stuff, selling it and actually making a living at it. 

That is when it got to be too much for one person. We're a married couple; I was working as a writer and my writing career was really not taking off the way I wanted it to. I thought this is much more interesting than me just sending out the query letters and trying to get somebody to read one of my scripts, let's just do this together.

We started by doing sales and distribution together. Then I was able to come on board and actually get involved in production as well, which is way more fun than any of the other stuff. 

Leomark Studios is just the latest incarnation of our careers. It's the first time we actually worked on something really together. 

I actually had an opportunity to interview one of the hits you produced, Hillbilly Horror Show.

We did not produce Hillbilly Horror Show. We cannot take credit for that. We rep the show and help them get distribution for the show. That is our job with them. That is a classic example of what we started doing when I came on board with Leomark Studios. 

In addition to producing our own content, which Erik had been doing entirely by himself before that. We invited other producers with projects to join our slate of films to get into our catalogue. We were really lucky to meet the Hillbilly Horror Show guys who are friends that made The Cabining, which is another film that we got distribution for. 

Jackers and Star Leaf are two other projects as well...

Star Leaf is particularly exciting project because we actually are co-producing that. We are going to be doing some of the post-production and music for that and we are the distributors for that movie. 

That is a super exciting project. It is a sic-fi / thriller about some hikers in the Olympic Peninsula up in Washington state that go in search of an extra-terristial form of marijuana. It's actually a great story and it came about because we met these wonderful producers a year a ago last November that had a slate of projects. Erik took a look at them and said "Wow these are all great projects, but man this Star Leaf project...that is really exciting". So they said alright we'll make that one. 

They went out and they shot it and they are in the process of editing it. Super cool guys with a  really cool story. It is not a Cheech and Chong type pot movie; it actually has a social undercurrent because one of the main characters is suffering from really bad PTSD from being in Afghanistan. The Star Leaf is an instrument to his healing in that process. 

We also have another film in development right now that we are very excited about called Recalculating Euphoria. You are actually the first person to hear me say that. I have not put out a press release, but we have optioned it and we are really excited about that project. We are going to be shooting that and everything. We have a lot of projects we are going to be distributing, but in terms of the things we are producing ourselves. As mentioned we are co-producing on Star Leaf and getting ready to do another MovieMaze™. We already have a great script for a horror MovieMaze™ called The Babysitter. 

MovieMaze™ is a pretty cool concept, how did it first come about?

We met our English partner, Rishi Thaker at the American film market in 2012. He had this idea and we started to brainstorm about that and I thought "I loved this. I wanna do this!" So we greened the project and produced it. The first one was called The Mechanic. It was really a proof of concept to see: does it work, do people like it, do they want more.

The response was overwhelming! It kind of reminded me of computer games from the '80s where you actually have to type in directions and things they should say. It wasn't a real linear story, you could take different turns and make different choices that story would change depending on what you choose. So there is something that sticks with us all.

How many episodes are planned so far?

We plan to make twenty episodes so far in the next two or three years. 

Is there a dream actor you would like to get on board to act in a movie for MovieMaze™?

MC: Will Ferrell and Benedict Cumberbatch

EL:  Oh wow! I haven't even thought of that actually (laughs). Gosh there are so many good actors. I think I really like strong character actors. I mean stars are always great because they get attention to the project with a name. But I think it is a great vehicle for really strong character actors because they have to play so many different variations of the same thing. 

The Mechanic and The Plumber are comedies, is there a plan to incorporate other genres into the MovieMaze line up?

Oh absolutely! Our next one, The Babysitter, is going to be a horror. We did ask for feedback from the first users of The Mechanic. "What do you want to see next?". The one thing that was answered the most was they want to see a horror MovieMaze™.  

What else are you able to share with our followers about upcoming MovieMaze™ news?

We plan to release MovieMaze™ Version 2.0, which includes The Plumber on Friday February 13. The MovieMaze™ app and The Mechanic are a free download. The Plumber will cost $2.99.

We'll be exhibiting at Amazing Arizona ComicCon at the Phoenix Convention Center February 13, 14, and 15. We're in booth 907, and we'll have a special gift for anyone who comes to the booth and shows us The Plumber on their smartphone or tablet. We'll also be doing a demo in front of a live audience.

If you miss us at Amazing Arizona, come see us at the Long Beach Comic Expo February 28 and March 1 at the Long Beach California Convention Center.

MovieMaze™ The World's First Interactive Movie App Get it FREE!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This month, filmmaker Jared Cohn has two new releases out, the erotic thriller Bound starring Charisma Carpenter and Daniel Baldwin, and the thriller Buddy Hutchins starring Jamie Kennedy.

Two new releases on shelves at the moment. How does that feel?

Better than having no releases! As a filmmaker it’s important to make films, as obvious as that sounds it’s true and you’d be surprised how many filmmakers are running around not making movies. I like to work and stay busy and I understand where I’m at – I.E not making major movies (yet) so if I get an opportunity to make a cool movie with cool people, count me in. I am always writing and thinking of movies, sometimes to the point where it drives me insane. I liken it to a drug addiction, if I go too long without making a movie I start to get sick!

And they’re both very different films I believe?

Yes one is about revenge and the other is about sex. Buddy Hutchins and Bound (starring Charisma Carpenter, Daniel Baldwin, Terrell Owens) are vastly different. Both are fun, enjoyable movies. For me movies should always be about entertainment. Buddy is much more of a drama rife with darker tones. However Bound has some dark tones but nobody gets murdered in Bound. No death there. Usually my movies have at least a few deaths. I would say in MOST movies and even most TV shows these days someone is getting killed, I guess people enjoy watching other people getting killed. Much like the news. Much like life.

How do you look for in a project?

I look at the script and the people involved. If something is cool and I feel I can do it justice then it’s interesting to me. The most important word in life is no. So if something isn’t right, and there are many things that just aren’t right for me, then perhaps I’m not the right person for the job. I would hate to work on a project and not be able to do it justice. That’s not fair to the writers or producers and most importantly the audience.

What was the attraction with Buddy Hutchins?

Well, I wrote it so for me it was a story that was in my head for years. What inspired me to write it was I was really in a dark place in my life. Things were falling apart and not working out, everywhere I turned was another brick wall in my face. My outlet is writing so I took my feelings and created this character that had different obstacles but similar feelings about them and instead of just getting angry and doing nothing, he took action. In movies we look to someone to be brave, and do things that we wouldn’t do in real life. Buddy was that guy for me at that time in my life.

Did you have a prior relationship with Jamie Kennedy?

I had known Jamie from another movie I worked on. I was shooting the behind the scenes video so I had the pleasure of interviewing him. So, for me it was cool to go from interviewing him and shooting video of him on my own camera to being able to direct him in a feature film I wrote.

Have you welcomed the VOD movement with open arms?

Yes. Of course, DVD is dying so VOD is an important stream of revenue for independent movies. I would much rather welcome VOD than more piracy.