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Carolyn Bridget Kennedy Interview - Passionate Pursuit For The Creative Side

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is a Canadian actress in film, television, and the Internet. Carolyn began her journey in late 2011 when she decided to explore her creative side. With little experience, she conceived of a character and became the writer, director and producer of a one-woman webseries, The Bridget Linden Show.

More recently, she has conceived of a scripted comedy webseries, Danger Pay, for which she is the writer, producer and lead actor playing “Michelle Scott”. She has also collaborated as a co-creator, co-writer and co-producer of a sketch comedy webseries, WBFTV Comedy (Women Being Funny TV), and portrays various characters in the skits. Apart from her own creations, in 2015 Carolyn landed the role of the Chief Medical Officer “Dr. Victoria Hunter” in Vulcan: To Boldly Go, a Star Trek inspired television series.

We had an opportunity to chat with Carolyn about her career and various projects.

What inspired the concept for your first project, The Bridget Linden Show?

Up until late 2011, I worked as a personal injury paralegal before I began my transition into entertainment. A friend encouraged me to look into acting because of my personality, sense of humor, and comedic timing. Through his contacts, I attended an acting workshop in Calgary in late 2011. I was told that if you were serious about acting and wanted to make a go of things you had to be realistic, and not expect to be “discovered” while you are sitting on your couch at home. To promote yourself as an actor, you could consider creating your own character and web series.

I took this to heart and thought about a character I could create. In early 2012, I created a bunch of skits about a 30 something single woman exploring new life experiences on her own and giving advice and encouragement to others. For each video I wrote, I tried to include a life message inside an entertaining story. The videos were meant to motivate people to improve their own lives in one aspect or another, all while keeping it light and fun. Bridget Linden was born – a one woman show that I wrote, produced, directed and acted in on my own. To date, I have created 125 episodes of “The Bridget Linden Show”, which have collectively had over 700,000 views.

What resources did you find helpful in cultivating your creative skills (writing, directing, and producing) when you first started working on The Bridget Linden Show?

Ideas just come to me. I think about how I can put a twist on the video to convey a message that is helpful or inspiration, while at the same time keeping it interesting and fun. The message is what is important to me. While I wanted the videos to be fun, entertaining and visually interesting to retain viewer’s interest, at the same time I wanted to ensure the videos had an ending or a twist that was uplifting or insightful.

I also did research and reached out to people with various areas of expertise. Over time, I researched everything from website creation to YouTube channels and videos, and from camera equipment to lighting and audio equipment. I am an active member of my local filmmaking community. In addition to continuing with my training as an actor, I am also taking an intensive course in directing and producing to enhance my skills.

The Bridget Linden Show has had over 700,000 views. What do you attribute to the show being the success that it is?

I have received a lot of fan mail over the years. Some of them have said that they admire the guts it takes to put yourself out there on the Internet for the world to judge you. Others have told me that they admire my creativity and playfulness on screen and are inspired by the messages I convey about the small things you can do to improve your life.

Some viewers have thanked me saying that an episode was the “shot in the arm they needed at the right time”. And, even more exciting, people have told me that they are inspired to write their book or create their own web series after watching one of my episodes. It is amazing to realize the impact you can have on people.

You can never really predict what will appeal to people. But, for some intangible reason the show resonates with some. I like to think that it is this connection that is at the root of its success.

You recently wrote, directed and produced a scripted comedy web series entitled, Danger Pay  What can you tell our readers about the series?

Danger Pay is a comedy about a woman, Michelle Scott, who accepts a job working for a bizarre lawyer whom no one else can bear. She takes the job because of the extra money he has to pay to get anyone to work for him. She hopes the extra money will help her pursue her dreams, but the show is about seeing whether she will be able to survive the lawyers’ weird antics and behavior.

Episode 1, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm”, was released on December 31, 2015 and introduces Michelle Scott and her bizarre boss, Woodrow. I am currently editing the next episode and will be filming further episodes in the very near future. There will be a variety of unusual situations that Michelle encounters and will include other interesting characters that will come and go on various episodes. To date, I have written a story arc for 26 episodes over 2 seasons. The series is available for viewing on YouTube:

How different has the experience been working on Danger Pay versus The Bridget Linden Show?

Danger Pay is completely different from my experience with The Bridget Linden Show. The Bridget Linden Show was a one woman production that was loosely scripted and generally shot with a single static camera. Editing that was necessary was minimal.

In contrast, for Danger Pay, I wrote my first actual scripts that tell a narrative story and involve multiple characters interacting with each other. It was also my first experience producing a project involving others, which included hiring a full crew. It was amazing how it all came together with people wanting to help participate in filming to make it happen.

Scenes were shot with multiple takes and camera angles, which allowed me greater freedom to edit between scenes to create a more interesting visual product, while at the same time necessitating a steep learning curve for me in the editing realm.

Comedy seems to be a genre you are quite comfortable with. How did your collaboration with WBFTV Comedy (Women Being Funny TV) come about?

I really enjoy comedy. I suppose that is applicable to most people, but creatively it resonates with me.

I first met Saleste Mele in the spring of 2014 at the filming of another comedy pilot that Saleste was acting in and had co-written. We got to know each other over that summer while taking a producing course. In late 2014 we got together to write a treatment for a writing competition. Although the treatment was for a horror film, we found that we worked very well together and wanted to continue our writing collaboration.

In the summer of 2015, we conceived of a sketch comedy web series called “WBFTV Comedy” (Women Being Funny TV). We co-wrote and co-produced the first episode of “WBFTV Comedy” called “Elaine’s World” that was released on December 22, 2015. It is a parody of the popular Saturday Night Live skit "Wayne's World". Elaine’s World takes a look at what it might have been like if "Wayne & Garth" had been girls. You can check out this hilarious video on YouTube:

As with “Danger Pay”, more episodes of WBFTV Comedy are in development and filming continues. Future skits will feature different characters and situations – some original and some parodies.

What is the creative (writing, etc.) and filming schedule like for WBFTV Comedy? How long does it take to create one episode concept to final shot?

Saleste and I continue to meet regularly to work on developing WBFTV Comedy together, in between working on our other projects. Currently, we are working on editing Episode 2 and working on writing additional episodes that we have planned out. Once we have another couple of episodes written, we will look at scheduling another film date. It took us one day to film the first two episodes. Depending on the nature of the future episodes and the number of scenes and shots we need, we may be able to film more or less at the same pace.

You recently landed the role of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Victoria Hunter in Galaxy Trek, a Star Trek inspired television series. That sounds like fun. What can you tell us about your character in the series and where can fans watch it?

The pilot episode of “Galaxy Trek” is called “Vulcan: To Boldly Go”. I play one of the crew members of the Starship Discover, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Victoria Hunter. The adventure follows two lost crew members who have been stranded on earth after being sent to observe life in the 21st century. There are currently plans for 5 seasons and 4 feature films.

It has been very exciting to be a part of this, including autograph signing sessions and having my own collector trading card created by the producers. Episode 1 of Galaxy Trek is scheduled to be released online on VulcanTV in the spring of 2016.

Are there any other upcoming projects you have that you can tell our readers about?

Even while continuing to create more episodes of Danger Pay and WBFTV Comedy, I am also writing a new feature film and a short, which I will also produce through my production company, Demure Duchess Pictures.

The logo for Demure Duchess Pictures – two D’s intertwined – has been trademarked and is incorporated into a clothing line I am developing for the strong elegant independent woman. The initial offering will be a shapely fitted ladies T-shirt in black with the logo printed in metallic silver available for purchase on the Demure Duchess website in early 2016.

I am very active on social media and will constantly keep the public informed about new projects I am involved in or will be developing. It has definitely been an exciting journey thus far, and I intend to continue to share my journey with the world. Please connect with me on social media and stay tuned for whatever the future may hold.

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Kevin Interdonato Gives Us The Scoop On His Latest Projects, Including Dirty Dead Con Men!

Kevin Interdonato began his career on the East Coast, and is an actor known for his work in the rising independent film scene in New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey. From 2001, he’s had television roles in The Sopranos, Law and Order, CSI: New York and was one of the nationwide finalists for producer Joel Silver’s Next Action Star, which only added to his resume of roles in award-winning films. An abrupt leave from the business to fulfill his military obligations lead Kevin to a tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq. After his return, Kevin quickly found himself honored with the Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award at the Garden State Film Festival, among numerous acting awards and nominations for his work in film. Compared to a ‘young Robert Deniro’ in several publications, Kevin also created and produced the TV Series, DIRTY DEAD CON MEN.

We had a chance to chat with Kevin Interdonato about his work and his exciting new TV series, DIRTY DEAD CON MEN

You guest starred on ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. What was it like working on this show?

True pleasure. It's one of the hottest shows out for a reason, and the cast and crew alike are top notch. Great time. Would love to see them bring my character back... You never know. :) 

Another project we understand you are attached to is a TV show called LAND OF THE OUTLAWS. What is this project about?

Land Of The Outlaws has a post-apocalyptic setting with the feel of a more realistic "Mad Max"-type world. The series is about Outlaws and Lawman fighting to survive in a town during the prohibition of technology. So needless to say it's one of those projects any actor is beyond excited to be involved in. I loved every second working on that. 

Is it true LAND OF THE OUTLAWS might air on Hulu Network?

Can't say; you never know! But a network would be lucky to have such a unique show. We're all pretty confident it will find a home somewhere. 

You recently worked opposite Hollywood Veteran Tom Sizemore in the feature film, BAD FRANK. What can you tell us about your character in the film?

My character is Frank Pierce; a seemingly normal guy that gets put into a compromising position. It's a thriller, so I don't want to reveal too much. As the story unfolds, the issues that once plagued Frank's life come to the surface, as well as his past remerging. Unfortunately for anyone in his way, Frank is not the man we think he is.
It was one of my favorite roles to ever play, and our director Tony Germinario let me have the freedom to fully explore this character’s journey. Hell of an experience. 

What was it like working with Tom Sizemore?

Sizemore is really something. We all learned something watching him work. He and I were the Protagonist and Antagonist, with not many scenes together, so I had the enjoyment of seeing his approach and takes. I was surprised how generous he was on camera as well as off. This role for him as Mickey Duro is one of the best roles he's ever played; said so himself. He had the freedom to play, and he went for it. He's gonna blow people away with this one. I truly can't wait to see his performance, among the rest of the all-star cast I was privileged to work with. Amanda Clayton, Russ Russo, Ray 'Boom-Boom' Mancini, Brian O'Halloran, Brandon Heitkamp, Lynn Mancinelli, Paola Grande, Joe Sernio... I have to mention everyone; I mean you're looking at one hell of a Cast! Every Actor brought their best for this film; it was wonderful working with them. 

You also are working on the upcoming TV show, RUSH HOUR. Can you tell us about the character you play in the show?

That was a fun one. Played a terrorist type role, part of a team that took over a concert hall and held everyone hostage. Shot an Uzi. Made some friends and had a blast working on the show.

How long has your upcoming personal project DIRTY DEAD CON MEN been in the works (from initial concept to this point)?

DIRTY DEAD CON MEN has been in development with my creative and producing partners in crime, Peter Dobson and Grete Heinemann, for 3 years. Producers David Fletcher, TA Williams and so many others have been involved as producers as well in this vision to make it a reality, and the time has finally come. We'll be presenting DIRTY DEAD CON MEN to networks in the new year, and we're aiming to see this exciting show among the other heavies currently on TV and Cable channels. The pilot has been tested to focus groups, literally around the country, to some pretty stellar feedback and reviews. To say we're excited is an understatement.

In addition to 1974's China Town, were there any other inspirational sources you drew from for your upcoming personal project DIRTY DEAD CON MEN?

Yes... DIRTY DEAD CON MEN is a dangerously cool and sexy, Rock n Roll inspired crime show about unlikely partners: an Undercover Cop and a Con Artist that go after criminals that beat the law, for their own personal gain. There were influences, the most influential being the first season of Miami Vice, when Michael Mann was heavily involved creatively. It was raw, exciting, and had all the elements we wanted in DIRTY DEAD CON MEN.
The grittiness of the underbelly of Los Angeles, as well as the high life, is explored through the lens. We captured the essence of both worlds that can be slightly compared to 'The Shield', and the film ' L.A. Confidential', with our Visuals, Locations, Set design and Lighting. All said and done, DIRTY DEAD CON MEN is unique and stands on its own, so it's hard to make comparisons. The relationship between My character (Mickey Duro) and Peter Dobson's character (Kook Packard) is a dynamic we truly haven't seen yet, and we can't wait to explore these roles.

We understand that you already have some named talent attached to DIRTY DEAD CON MEN. Can you share some names and how they became attached to the project?

That was pretty easy actually.  Grete wrote an amazing script that really turned heads, and pitching really wasn't necessary after the actors we approached had a read. Peter and I are actors, and being in the business for some time, were lucky to know some great talents. Kristen Dalton (The Departed, Drop Zone), Chris Caldovino (Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos), Hawthorne James (Speed, Seven, The Five Heartbeats), Amanda Clayton (If Loving You Is Wrong, Bleed For This), and recognizable talent like Brandon Heitkamp, Erin O'Brien, Patty Healy, Chris Anglin and more. The amazing Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) Guest Stars in the Pilot episode...And of course, Dobson. He's had a hell of career as an actor in Film and TV, as well as going to Sundance and Cannes as a Director. He chose DIRTY DEAD CON MEN as his comeback to Television, and is a major part of the Production Team as well. 

Any news about where and when people will be able to watch DIRTY DEAD CON MEN?

Your Social Media platform of choice...
Twitter: @dirtydeadconmen
Instagram: @dirtydeadconmen

Kevin Interdonato’s Official Websites:

Broadway star in concert and a Race!

Broadway star Chantel Riley, best known for her performance as Nala in The Lion King, will perform live January 27 at a special concert benefiting Elevate New York.

The Canadian-born performer will support Kevin Singleton at a special concert benefiting Elevate New York that’s to be held at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Tickets can be purchased here:

The concert kicks off a big year for Riley, who aside from her ongoing performance in The Lion King will be seen in the Focus Features’ drama Race – in cinemas February.

The drama tells of athlete Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose quest to become the greatest track and field athlete in history thrusts him onto the world stage of the 1936 Olympics, where he faces off against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy.

Riley, in her first film role, plays Owen’s lover Quincella Nickerson. The daughter of a rich Californian businessman, Nickerson embarked in a passionate affair with the athlete – while he was with long-time partner Minnie Ruth Solomon - their relationship all over the national newspapers.

Race trailer:

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Films and documentaries about what it takes to make it in show business, and stay on top, are readily available; My Big Break (2009), The Artist (2011), Adaptation (2002), Sunset Blvd. (1950), the list goes on. Wishing For A Dream is one of the newest entries into the subject matter.  Wishing For A Dream is a documentary styled film that follows the struggles of Mika Andrews (Sara Malakul Lane) and Louis Digman (Jared Cohn), a couple trying to make it in Hollywood.

Mika is an actress battling with insomnia, rejection, the constant stress of auditions, body-image disorder, gruelling exercise regime, and self-punishment by forbidding herself to eat. Within the first minutes of the film, Mika gets dumped by her agent for not booking any work.

Mika’s boyfriend, Louis, is a writer-director struggling to get a producer to take on the production of his script. 

Both are supportive of each others goals through trying times and during successes. Lane and Cohn look natural together on screen, this is likely due to the fact that they are a real life couple. They both have personal insight into the struggles a person faces when building a career in Hollywood.

Things get financially tough for the couple, resulting in Louis convincing Mika to ask her father for money, so they can pay their rent. Mika develops a dependency on an alternative sleep aide that her friend Lily (Nicole Alexandra Shipley) suggests for her.

Hollywood is an unforgiving place, many people move there each year in hopes of getting a big brake. There are fewer success stories than there are one of how people live day to day not knowing whether they will get a job again. 

The style and pacing of Wishing For A Dream was fitting. The soundtrack and lighting complimented the style well. My main issue with the film is the nudity; the film could have done without it. Or at the very least camera angles that left more hidden. The fact that the story did not try to dilute or sugar coat the subject matter is good.

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$elfieShootout - Review

$eflie Shootout, stars Ryan Bollman (Children of the Corn 2) and Michael Barra (The Amazing Spider-Man). The film was written, produced and co-directed by Ron Jackson.

Two broke guys, Chub (Bollman) and Bone (Barra), concoct an online contest scheme to get females to submit their ‘sexy’ selfie for a fee. 

Both Chub and Bone still live at home with their parents, have little or no, ambition in life. There is nothing particularly endearing or charismatic about either character. A comparison of imbecilic best friends Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) from Dumb and Dumber can be made to $eflie Shootout’s main characters Chub and Bone. Not one of them possesses much in the way of intellect, and that character type is what fans of this genre find funny.

Chub and Bone start by offering selfie contestants a $1,000 cash prize. They falsely assume that they will take in enough funds to cover their expenses. Things go south as the pair unsurprisingly squanders money on women who I call selfie-hussies. What is even less surprising is the speed at which the selfie-hussies take advantage to charge up the guys’ credit card with purchases of shoes, booze and other expensive items.

As their expenses inflate, they raise the prize to $1 million in order to attract more contestants and more funds. Chub and Bone’s overspending habits are just the beginning of their troubles, however. Before long the two are bribing public officials (Dan Hewitt Owens, who also plays Chub’s father) and law enforcement agents. Their sponsorship deal with an energy drink company further complicates matters for them. Salvation arrives all too easy for the pair in the form of selfie indulging FBI Agent Zoey (Musetta Vander).

Self portraits are nothing new; Daguerreotype pioneer Robert Cornelius took a picture of himself outside his family's store in Philadelphia in 1839. Robert Cornelius’s photographic “selfie” is the oldest known existing photographic portrait of a human in America.1 

The concept behind $eflie Shootout is very timely though in that it mocks current selfie narcissism. One does not have to look far to find abundant examples of egocentricity much of our world population has with itself. $eflie Shootout is not a comedy to me, but another sad reminder of how self absorbed far too many people are.

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Thriller Films Presents 2016 Comedy EuroClub

Thriller Films presents its 2016 comedy, EuroClub.

In it, three American guys who perpetually strike out with the ladies travel to Europe and embark on an adventure through the continent filled with drinking, dancing, and partying while dodging gypsies, gangsters, and soccer hooligans to get to the world's hottest club.

The film stars Jake Lewis, Terrell Battle, and Johnny Lessani with European celebrities Micaela Shaeffer, Tom Barcal, Sabine Petzl, and Zachi Noy all making an appearance.

The film was written by comics Rebekah Kochan & Dante, directed by Ali Zamani and produced by Justin Jones and Zeus Zamani.

Release expected later this year.

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Interview With Cory Stonebrook- Creator, Lead Actor & Ryan Drake- Writer Of Sensitive Web Series

Sensitive follows Cory, a midwestern born and bred guy navigating the needs and expectations of NYC women. With help from his female roommate Layla, Cory explores what it takes for a nice, sensitive guy to find love in the Big Apple.

We had a chance to chat with Cory Stonebrook- Creator, Lead Actor and Ryan Drake- Writer of Sensitive Web Series

How did the concept of Sensitive web series come about?

Cory: I wanted to start creating my own work and get some footage that really showed the kind of TV jobs I could be great for. I have never really written anything but always have ideas for characters I would like to play and I needed a writer to flesh out the world and create a structure of the show.

Ryan: We all worked at the same restaurant, Parker and Quinn, and Cory had the idea for the character and the general idea of what the character wanted. Cory just needed a writer. So we all met (Cory, Tiffany, Tessa, and me) a few times after work to discuss the best way to tell the story we wanted to tell, and so it began!

What is the process for writing an episode?

Ryan: Well for me it was important to tell a balanced story. What makes it modern is that it's not just about why it's hard for a "sensitive" guy, but also why it's hard for women and that "girlfriend zone" expectation. And I think it was important to identify the flaws in both Julia and Cory, and have a proper reason for them. It's not important for me to make likable characters, but to make ones you can relate to.

I was really interested in having it focus on one date, because I think the format of each episode being a date has been done in web series so many times. I also really love bottle episodes of TV and these kind of contained stories that feel almost like short stories, and also coming from a Theater background, it felt almost natural to try to break up a single date into multiple parts.

As for the actual construction of each episode, I tried to write one full draft of an episode in a sitting, digest it for day, and then write a completely different draft. And then I sort of copied and pasted what i liked from each into a third draft. Then I would have one more look through, and after making the 7 episodes, I sent it to Cory, Tiffany, and Tessa. We met and they had asked questions, they'd give some different joke suggestions, and then I went back wrote again from there.

Do you all contribute to the development of each episode from story concept, writing, to the final product?

Cory: It was definitely a collaborative process. I came up with the original concept and directed while on set as well as was in direct communication with our editor during post production. Tessa and Ryan jumped into the directors chair when I had scenes with Stephanie and needed an outside eye. Tiffany ran the set and kept everyone on schedule as well as many of the main producer/ AD duties. Ryan wrote every episode and Tessa, Tiff and I contributed opinions and jokes here and there. Samantha Pyra (Our Cinematographer) helped with a lot of this as well. Being first time creators, Sam was a great resource to help create a professional, efficient film set.

Ryan: There were definitely a lot of meetings going back and forth about the general concept. At first it was about an Actor who grew up with all sisters, at one point it was set in an office, and then we kind of settled on the romantic idea because it felt most natural. The core writing I did on my own, and then there were a few joke adjustments here and there. And then all four of us gave notes on rough cuts, etc.

What is the most challenging aspect of making Sensitive?

Cory: I think the biggest challenge for us was creating the show we wanted and making sure we could make the quality we wanted on a low budget in a short amount of time. We shot all episodes at the same time over 6 1⁄2 days. At times I wish we could have had more time to get the exact take we wanted etc. It was also a challenge to adapt to certain obstacles we didn’t expect. When you are guerilla filmmaking for the web on a small dime, things pop up that you can’t control and you can’t afford to fix. You have to roll with it and be creative in your solution. I think we did a pretty good job of running with the situation we are presented and not having to compromise too much of our vision.

Ryan: The hardest part of writing was making sure that Cory, Julia, and Layla all felt fully serviced, and that though the core of the season is in a singular episode at a dinner table, to make it as dynamic and cinematic as possible. I really hate when movies feel like plays and plays feel like movies, because it feels like a disservice to the medium, so it was really important to me that it felt like a TV show.

How important to the story is it that Sensitive takes place in New York?

Cory: I think that New York plays an important part in the story because Cory feels so out of place. He is there for one reason and if he could be an actor in Ohio, he would. He doesn’t understand the women here and the city sort of overwhelms him. On the other hand, he finds parts of it majestic and still kind of keeps this dreamer attitude that he will find love and it will be just like the movies.

Ryan: I went to college in the middle of cornfields in Ohio on a campus of 1800 people, so if you hooked up with someone, you saw them the next morning in the dining hall. And I think in New York, because sometimes it feels almost logistically easier to not have a second date, a lot of times things fall flat a lot faster. So it makes the stakes of dating higher, and it makes people more immediately skeptical of each other. So there's potential for things really to go haywire 

How far ahead to you plan episodes or seasons?

Cory: We made the whole season at the same time and started general ideas and meeting last fall. We shot in June 2015 and then spent the next few months editing. We are currently working on Season 2 and hope to have it ready for next fall. 

Are there any plans to do a flash back type episode that shows how Cory and Layla became roommates?

Cory: I love this idea. I have thought about suggesting this to Ryan as well. It would be really fun to see them meet and get a background on this friendship. I think people would love it.

Ryan: That's something I definitely would be interested in doing. I'm currently more interested in how their dynamic changes moving forward, rather than their origin. But if it gave some sort of insight into the characters that wasn't already shown, I think it could definitely be an interesting story. Thanks for the idea!

Who would be your dream guest to have in an episode of Sensitive, and why?

Cory: I would love Casey Wilson (Marry Me, Happy Endings, SNL) and Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, The Office) to play Cory’s older sisters who still live in Ohio. I also think someone like the comedian Ron Funches could be really fun in some sort of role. Maybe the boyfriend Layla never expected to fall for.

Ryan: I'm a Casting Assistant for Film for my day job, so it's really hard for me to say just oneeeee. I'm really obsessed with watching Michaela Watkins and Jenny Slate at the moment. I think Jenny's humor is really specific and off the walls in a way that suits the show and she'd be great as like Layla's sister. Michaela Watkins is so good and funny on Casual and there's this inherent sadness to everything she does that I think is super interesting. The entire cast of HBO's Getting On, Lauren Weedman, Catherine O'hara, Allison Janney as Rita (Laylas mom), Kathryn Hahn yada yada yada insert list of 45 actors.

Currently Sensitive can be watched on your site and on Vimeo, are there any plans for further distribution?

Cory: We also have all 7 episodes on youtube currently if you search Green Apple 2 Step Productions. We are in talks with a few people to possibly have Season 1 presented on different web platforms and possibly one TV channel but we can’t give too many details on that quite yet. We are also working on having Season 2 produced by a few web platforms so that we can have a slightly bigger budget to bring Sensitive to the next level.
Twitter: @seriessensitive
Instagram: @sensitivewebseries