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History Channel's Investigator Jax Menez Atwell Shares Details About MISSING IN ALASKA

Jax Menez Atwell has more than ten years of investigative experience in law enforcement agencies in Arizona and California. His investigative law enforcement experience and training include under-cover operations, narcotics, SWAT, person and property crimes, etc. Jax has been a private investigator since 2008 specializing in the hard to solve cases but also civilian, business and government contracted investigations. Jax is additionally part of a team of three investigators that explore missing people and their relation to Alaskan folklore and legend in History Channel’s “MISSING IN ALASKA”. Jax's pragmatic approach and investigative experience keep the team on task in the great dangers of the Alaska wilderness.

We had an opportunity to chat with Jax about, Missing in Alaska.

How did you become involved with History's Missing in Alaska TV show?

It was actually a complete accident. I came across the advertisement but it was very vague. I had heard there was a reality show looking for a private investigator for a show out in the Superstition Mountains (north east of Phoenix) so I kind of assumed that is what it was for. I submitted everything they asked for and was talking to a buddy about it. He was nice enough to let me sarcastically know that the dead line for submitting was two weeks prior. I thought “Oh well” but believe it or not, that night I got a call… make that three calls and the next day had a couple skype interviews. That was pretty much that. I was apparently exactly what they were looking for. A month or so later they flew fellow cast member, Ken Gerhard, and I out to LA and a few weeks after, we were in Alaska hitting the ground running with Tommy Joseph on our investigations. 

How has your extensive investigative experience and law enforcement background helped you on the show? 

Whenever you are in strenuous situations physically and mentally, it is always what is deep inside that gets you through! My training and experience was deeply beneficial for a couple reasons. First dealing with extreme weather, terrain, risks, and dangers added to the need to keep on task for our investigations was a real challenge. Having as fast of response times mentally and physically was very important in those situations and to not react properly could be costly…as in costly with your life or your teams’ lives.

Secondly, as more of the take charge kind of guy, my role was really important in keeping us true to our investigative process and focused on tasks at hand. It is really easy to get distracted by so many things coming at you. Being cynical about the things we were looking into helped also. It is very easy to want to believe but you have to have the pieces there to get a definitive answer and not give into the rush of the moment. 

How receptive have the people of Alaska been towards you and the crew of "Missing in Alaska"?

We were very fortunate to have Tommy Joseph as part of our investigative team. Tommy has so much knowledge about native history, ancestry, folklore, etc. That brought a lot of significant clout to our team and showed a lot of people that were weren’t just some crazy big foot hunters running around in the woods.

The other thing to remember is Alaska is a huge place. Texas and California can fit into it land mass wise. There is significant difference in climates, terrains, native Alaskan tribes and pretty much everything from area to area we would be investigating which meant dealing with different people who live vastly different from their neighboring people.

I feel for the most part we were largely successful in being accepted while we worked, but even more importantly, got the respect of many, which helped get us leads and make the investigations that much better.

What is the filming schedule like for the show?

Filming was intense. There was not a lot of down time. We were constantly working, which is good! Each investigation probably took us about 40 hours of “film”. That didn’t include the drive time or the preparation needed for each episode. Each episode took us about a week to film. We would work close to 6 days a week and would be working close to 15 hours a day at a time. So much more went into these episodes than hit the air!

Do you have time to investigate the episode's topic before filming?

Yes, in the downtime we had during the week, we would be working on researching/investigating the information for the next week’s episode. This was extremely important because it kept us moving constantly and not completely starting an investigation from scratch. Each time we would be coming into the investigation with a lot of knowledge of what we were doing and sometimes even a good plan in place for that investigation.

Is there a particular episode of "Missing in Alaska" you are most looking forward to filming?

I can’t really pick which one episode was my favorite. To be honest, as I’ve seen them on TV for the first time, the investigations that were my least favorite to film were my favorite episodes to watch when they aired. In reference to that, I’d have to say investigating Gnomes and Killer Monkeys were my favorite “final product” to watch on TV. Each episode had so much adventure and incredible scenery to be filming in which makes it so hard to decide! I mean how do you decide from being helicoptered on top of mountains, exploring ice caves, riding snow mobiles, or how about just the inherent adrenaline rush that comes with what we were investigating!

Each episode was so unique that I’m going to have to be cliché and say they all were my favorite due to the bond my team had and the amazing experiences we had together!

What do you hope viewers will take away from watching Missing in Alaska?

My hope is that with all the silly reality shows that are out there that our show gives both sides of the aisle something to hold onto. The things we are investigating can be considered “out there” by some, including me, but our team gives a very factual account that lets the viewer be entertained while being educated at the same time into something that is plausible. The unknown is entertaining enough but throw in probably the most adventurous place in the planet, “Missing in Alaska” becomes a real fun ride!

In my hope I envision two people sitting on couch. One wants to believe in whatever we are investigating and the other is a skeptic. They watch the show and are not only entertained but have fun and discuss what they are seeing. This is really what the show is all about!

The Alaska Triangle, a region in northwest Alaska, has more unsolved missing person cases than anywhere else in the world. Over 20,000 people have vanished in the past 50 years alone. Who or what’s behind these cases is unknown. Some believe it’s the work of local predators or simply the rugged, dangerous terrain, but legends thrive in Alaska, and the ominous history of disappearances in the area has drawn comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle. Working together with local experts and eyewitnesses, our team of investigators will go case-by-case to gather evidence, conduct tests, examine history and explore local myths to determine the most viable explanation for the disappearances, all while trying to understand the sinister mystery that is the Alaska Triangle.

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LITTLE REAPER, the short comedy/horror film by filmmaker Peter Dukes locks distribution

LITTLE REAPER, the short comedy/horror film by filmmaker Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions has locked up distribution both domestically and internationally. Dream Seekers Productions is currently shopping the feature screenplay out to producers.

Shorts TV has picked up television rights for LITTLE REAPER for the next three years, both in the US as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Shorts TV is an HD channel available through all major cable providers. The film will start airing in early 2016.

The film was also just recently picked up by Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television, to be included in their VOD series Tales Of Horror. 

LITTLE REAPER Synopsis: The Grim Reaper's difficult teenage daughter must take over her Dad's responsibilities for one day. Chaos ensues.

LITTLE REAPER Cast: Athena Baumeister, John Paul Ouvrier, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Katy Townsend, Sorsha Morava, John Michael Herndon, Katharine Stapleton

About Dream Seekers Productions: Founded by filmmaker Peter Dukes, has been producing original, innovative award winning films since 2005. The seeds for amazing untold stories lie in wait all around us, tucked in to every nook and cranny of our daily lives. It is our pride and joy to help bring these stories to life for your entertainment.

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Erika Bierman Interview

Erika Bierman was born in historic Savannah, Georgia. She expressed her desire to be an actress at the mere age of eight, when she begged her parents to let her compete in an acting/modeling competition in Orlando, Florida. She wrote her own monologue for the competition and got noticed by numerous reputable agents and managers.

Her first big break came when she was cast as President Snow's Granddaughter in the Hunger Games Catching Fire. She was thrilled to work alongside Donald Sutherland in both CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY I.

Later, she appeared in DUMB AND DUMBER TO, and worked with Jeff Daniels

What or who got you interested in acting?

Erika Bierman: When I was little, I would watch every Nickelodeon and Disney show on TV. I loved Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. I think I was about eight when I got bit by the acting bug and decided that I really wanted to pursue this. With a lot of begging and pleading, my parents let me compete in an acting/modeling competition in Orlando, Florida. The rest is history.

Writing is part of your resume. Do you plan on writing more?

Erika Bierman: I got my first screenwriting credit on a produced feature film when I was 12. I definitely want to write more. I continue to write short stories and poems. My father is a screenwriter, so it is in my blood. I believe that writing helps me to be a better actor.

Any particular genre or type of role you prefer?

Erika Bierman: I am not too particular when it comes to the genre. I prefer characters that are complex and challenge me physically and mentally. I would love to play a character like the youngest girl in “Mama.” I like Science Fiction and dystopian themes. I would love to play an otherworldly character or a complicated character in a psychological thriller.

What did you like most on the set of Hunger Games?

Erika Bierman: Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the first major feature film that I was in. It was a real learning experience for me. I was thrilled that I was able to meet Jennifer Lawrence in hair and make-up and she offered to go over lines with me. Everything they say about her being down to earth is true. I aspire to be like her. Working with Donald Sutherland was a lot of fun. He really made me feel comfortable between takes by performing magic tricks for me. Donald Sutherland spoke French to me in between takes to goof around. He inspired me to take French in school. I hope I get to try to speak French with him again! I am so grateful to Jackie Burch (the casting director) and Francis Lawrence (the director) for picking me for this role.

Mockingjay was in filmed in Paris. I've always wanted to go to Paris, and it was like a dream for me. We shot at a huge stone mansion with beautiful gardens. Josh Hutcherson was already leaving when I arrived. I really wanted to meet him. He came all the way back onto the set just to meet me and take a picture when my dad asked. He was as nice as anybody could ever be. He was very gracious. It was a phenomenal experience that I will never forget.

Did you get any advice from any of the actors?

Erika Bierman: No one really gave me advice, but I learned a lot just watching them. The best thing is to relax into your character and just let the magic happen. Be “present” while you are acting alongside other actors, so you can live the script.

What other projects do you have right now?

Erika Bierman: Right now I have been picked for a lead role in “The Tree House” with Chris Noth. I love the storyline and look forward to being in the movie. I am lucky to get many auditions and opportunities here in Atlanta and hope to book a recurring role in a series or a lead in another major feature film. My Dad and I recently flew out to L.A for a director audition and I got to meet one of my favorite actors, Roselyn Sanchez (“Carmen Luna”) from Devious Maids. Besides acting, I enjoy dance, chorus and hanging out with my friends. I consider myself to be like every other 14-year old, and my family and I try to keep our lives very grounded.

You also appeared in DUMB AND DUMBER TO, and worked with Jeff Daniels. Was that a fun set to work on?

Erika Bierman: The Farrelly Brothers were very nice. I got to meet Jim Carey, and he goofed around with me before I filmed. He was hilarious. Jeff Daniels is a method actor and very professional. I am grateful the Farrellys picked me to be in this film.

Is it more challenging to work on films such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and MOCKINGJAY I or DUMB AND DUMBER TO?

Erika Bierman: Comedy and drama are totally different mindsets. Comedy comes naturally to me, so it seems easier, even though it probably isn't. The Hunger Games films are very serious in tone and put a lot of weight on the character's shoulders. This makes the set a lot more serious. Drama is so much more emotional. This year, I learned to cry on cue, which was a big deal for me.

What was it like working on the Peabody Award winning Sundance show Rectify?

Erika Bierman: Rectify was a wonderful experience and different from shooting the films I have done because it shot with multiple cameras. Coordinating shot continuity and matching sounds with the different takes was a challenge. I really enjoyed working one-on-one with Adelaide Clemens. I learned a lot from her and she was super-friendly! I would love to work more on this show. Thanks Sundance!

Erika Bierman's Official Links:

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Rocky with Rockers! RADIO AMERICA on DVD and VOD

Everyone who ever had a dream, this film will bring it back to life"- Talent Monthly

Beautiful and Charming. Great Soundtrack” – KTIM

"Two Thumbs Up” – Random Radio Network

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Shorris Film'sRadio America, a heartfelt odyssey about the pitfalls of fame “that gives you the VIP pass from farm to fame with all the right tour stops in between” (The Entertainment Corner) releases this week on DVD and VOD.

Jacob Mostinger, Kristi Englemann, Christopher Alice, Wayne Bastrup (Terminator: Genisys), Read MacGuirtose (Cruel Will), Tristan Price (The OC), Robert Ebinger (Days of Our Lives), and J.Kristopher (Straight Outta Compton) star. Christopher Showerman wrote, directed and produced alongside Shorris Film's Clint Morris.

A touching, music-fueled drama – in the vein of La Bamba, Once, and The Commitments- Radio America “reminds us what’s possible when passion and opportunity collide” (Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine).

The “Incredible story” (BGG After Dark) fixes on two wannabe musicians, stuck working on a farm, who hit the bigtime when one of their songs gets radio airplay.

Eric (Jacob Motsinger) and Dave (Christopher Alice) are two farm boys who dream of escaping their rural roots to achieve fame and fortune as rock stars. As they grow up, their talent grows with them. However, the real impetus behind their momentum is their friend Jane (Kristi Englemann), who manages their musical career. She finally gets them in front of a major label A&R scout who sees the potential of the act.

Dave and Jane become romantically involved and this strains their friendship with Eric. When the A&R scout replaces Jane as the manager and puts the act before America, the pressure is almost too much for their friendship to handle.

Their first tour puts them on a roller coaster of euphoria and tragedy that mercilessly puts the value of friendship vs. commercial success back into perspective for the survivors.

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Interview With Woodlawn Actor, Kevin Sizemore

Kevin Sizemore has portrayed many memorable characters on television, such as Gary Humphrey on RESURRECTION, Paul Randolph on UNDER THE DOME and Greg Miner on STALKER. Others include 24, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, DROP DEAD DIVA & many more. 

In the comedy TREW CALLING, Sizemore portrays “I AM”….the almighty who visits a girl on earth and asks her to write down everything he says. Kevin is now in pre-production on a Christmas feature titled BELIEVE starring Miles Davis and Ryan O’Quinn.

Kevin can be seen in the feature film WOODLAWN, alongside Jon Voight & Sean Astin as Coach Jerry Stearns, a no nonsense football coach. 

You play Coach Jerry Sterns in the feature film WOODLAWN, what can you tell us about the film? 

Kevin Sizemore: Woodlawn is an inspirational film based on the true story of how love and unity overcame hate and division in the early 1970s in Birmingham, Alabama. A gifted high school football player has to embrace his talent and faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field. The full synopsis is on the official website at

What attracted you to the role? 

Kevin Sizemore: Being able to work with The Erwin Brothers initially, then I was intrigued that it was a true sports film that had a positive message the entire family could go and see! 

What was it like portraying Jerry Stearns, having met and befriended the real person? 

Kevin Sizemore: An absolute honor! He and I became fast friends for the eight weeks I was in Birmingham filming. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away four days prior to the completion of Woodlawn. I'm just happy knowing his legacy will be carried on forever so his family and future relatives will know about him. 

Were there any tense or challenging moments on set of WOODLAWN? If yes, how did the cast overcome that?

Kevin Sizemore: Yes.....the cold! There were many nights when it was 4am and approximately 12 degrees. A few nights rain would be added to the shoot and even though it made it worse.....we loved it. Everyone bought into the project and we all came together like a real football team would.

WOODLAWN has an impressive cast, Jon Voight, Sean Astin, Sherrie Shepherd, your-self, Nic Bishop C. Thomas Howell & newcomer Caleb Castille. What was the most surprising aspect of working with such a talented group?

Kevin Sizemore: How down to earth they were. No egos and it was all about having fun and working hard. What surprised me about Caleb was that he embraced the role and dedicated himself 100% and we were all proud of him being it is his first acting role. Also, the crew on Woodlawn was top notch. It’s great working on a film with so many talented people.

What is the most rewarding part of working on a film such as WOODLAWN?

Kevin Sizemore: It’s rewarding seeing the end product and how this film has been so positive for so many people. Also the friendships I made and all the memories of just having fun with fellow cast and crew! It was awesome!

We understand you are pre-production on a Christmas feature titled BELIEVE starring alongside Miles Brown (Blackish), Ryan O’Quinn & directed by Billy Dickson. What can you tell us about this project?

Kevin Sizemore: It's a film that will inspire people to become a better person through the journey of Ryan's character and their hearts will melt when they see how wonderful Miles' character is in this film. We're very fortunate to have Billy as our cinematographer and director on this production. BELIEVE will give you all the great Christmas movie feelings with a slight twist that no one will expect.

What other new projects do you have in works that you can tell us about?

Kevin Sizemore: Trew Calling is in post-production now. This is a film I worked on alongside Tracey B. Wilson, Brooke Elliott (Drop Dead Diva), Lee Meriweather (Batman), Eddie Mekka and a slew of talented actors! It's directed by Greg Robbins and produced by Robbins, Kimber Eastwood & myself. I'm currently in development on a military feature with Robbins on another film that we co-wrote.

Twitter @kevinsizemore
FB @kevinsizemorepage

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Ronnie Blevins, star of the new DirecTV series, KINGDOM - talks about his role in UNCLE JOHN, WITHIN & More

Ronnie Blevins is one of the most consistently working character actors in Hollywood. Currently he is recurring on the new DirecTV series, KINGDOM, and will soon be coming out in the feature films THEN THERE WAS, HOT BATH AN’ A STIFF DRINK, and WITHIN and in a recurring role on the second season of HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE. His lengthy film resume includes supporting roles in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, THE HUNTED, and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, while his recent guest star credits include HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, FX’s JUSTIFIED, and CBS’ CSI: NY, HAWAII FIVE-0, and THE MENTALIST.  

We had an opportunity to chat with Ronnie about his career and upcoming projects.

What or who got you interested in acting?

Ronnie: I've been in love with movies since before I could remember. I was making movies on VHS by sixth grade. When I tell you I've been in love with movies, I mean I've probably watched a movie a day every day for the last decade. When I graduated college I started to imagine how I could have greater participation in an art form in which I had so much adoration for. On a whim, I moved to Los Angeles when I was 22. I had zero expectations for myself. All I wanted to do was learn how to act. So I began studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I never even thought in terms of how I could make a living. I just wanted to act. I felt like approaching it from such a pure perspective really set me up for success. It took years of studying before I developed my own voice. After I learned that... the rest took care of itself.

Writing and producing credits are part of your resume. Do you plan on writing more scripts in the future? Or perhaps directing?

Ronnie: I'm constantly trying to get something I've written made. I imagine it will happen one day.

You star in the unexpected thriller Uncle John. What can you tell us about your role in the film?

Ronnie: This is one of the more special roles I've ever done. I've done so many roles in the past that have been a clear cut bad guy. This is a guy with a very clear, justified motivation for what he does. Furthermore, to be a part of a movie that's being so well received; with rave reviews from the likes of David Lynch and David Gordon green. I couldn't be more proud.

Uncle John is Steven Piet’s directing and screenwriting feature film debut. What was it like working with him on the project?

Ronnie: There's a reason that David Lynch and David Gordon Green are giving his first film such high praise. Stephen, even in just his first film, should already be mentioned among the ranks of these two. He has all the qualities of a seasoned director. His is a career I can't wait to see unfold.

We understand you are attached to Rush Hour, a TV show based on the action-comedy 'Rush Hour' films. Is the show in production yet?

Ronnie: It is. It'll begin airing in January. I have a guest star role in episode four; such a cool villain. Can't wait to see what this looks like.

What attracted you to take a role in Rush Hour?

Ronnie: Everything. It's a network show and it’s well written. It was directed by Stephen Boyum who directed me in a Hawaii 5-0. All exciting reasons.

You just did a film for New Line called Within, what can you tell us about the film and your role?

Ronnie: Such a fun character. Still, even though this character leans towards villainous … he has a very clear motivation for what makes him do what he does.

Was working on either Uncle John or Within challenging? If yes, which film was more involved in terms of preparing for your role?

Ronnie: I prepare the same for all my roles. I create a very thorough backstory. I involve myself with an incredible amount of repetition with the dialogue. Uncle John may have been a little more difficult because the story is so very personal; the loss for the character is substantial.

You have played a diversity of characters, is there any particular genre or type of role you prefer working with?

Ronnie: I hate to sound hokey... but I just love working. Sometimes I feel that my desire to work might seemingly make me less discriminate against taking roles. So be it… I have the best job in the world. I generally work when the opportunity presents itself.

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Actress Molly Jackson talks about her role in Circle, the indie sci-fi thriller staring Julie Benz

Molly Jackson was born in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany. She is known for her work on Inside Out (2015), Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Circle, is an indie sci-fi thriller staring Julie Benz and Molly Jackson. The film was co-written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.

The film's story follows fifty strangers, held captive and faced with their imminent executions, and forced to choose the single person among the collective worthy of survival.

We had a chance to chat with Molly Jackson about, Circle 

What got you interested in acting?

Molly: Ever since I could walk I've always been performing. I'd perform for anyone, or anything! There wasn't anything in particular that got me interested. I just loved when I could make people smile and laugh. When I was five years old my mom and dad signed me up for a local kids theater (Kids N' Co) in El Paso, Texas. I tried to participate in every play I could, and if I wasn't in the play, I would stop by just to say "Hi". This theater doubled my love of performing! It was during this time that I decided I wanted to give L.A. a shot!

What is your favorite type of role to play?

Molly: I honestly don't have a favorite type of role. All roles are so diverse, and each one is fun to play in their own way.

What can you tell us about your part in the upcoming indie sci-fi thriller, Circle?

Molly: In the movie Circle I play Katie. She is an innocent, scared child who is fearful for her life. Throughout the movie the adults touch on modern day conflicts, and why some people should deserve to live over others. Throughout their debates, my character is confused and shocked to see the way these adults behave towards one another.

What did you enjoy most about working on the Circle?

Molly: Circle was such an amazing experience! My favorite part was getting advice, and talking to all of the other actors. They gave me amazing advice on how to follow my dreams. All of them were so talented, funny, and kind! Working on this film, and being surrounded by such talent, was a major learning experience.

Did you get a chance to chat with actress Julie Benz?

Molly: I did get a chance to chat with Ms. Benz. She was very kind-hearted.

Did Julie give you any advice?

Molly: Ms. Benz gave me advice about how she carried herself on set. One time the hair and makeup trailer only had two people doing 50 people's makeup/hair. She saw that they were overwhelmed, so she stepped up and did her own. Every day she let the crew get their lunch before she did, which was very kind of her. She also treated everyone with equal respect, and was very professional. I admired how she carried herself, and I think watching people's actions are some of the best advice you can get.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Molly: I have a short film in the works right now called "The Shadow Guide: Prologue", it's a sci-fi/fantasy film. It will hopefully be premiering to the public in early 2016. You can watch the trailer now through this link: I also just finished filming a guest star role on Nickelodeon's "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn". This was a blast to shoot, and totally different from "Circle" and "The Shadow Guide: Prologue" though! Be sure to catch "Circle" on Netflix, and if you don't have Netflix you can own "Circle" on iTunes for $4.99 ---> !!